ILLUSION - Ghost Killer : The goal is to position six cameras in a shed, where people report hearing scary things, and hear a strange laugh!

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I'm usually not one to complain about graphics, but the character model is so bad for the "ghost" that it ruins the game. It would probably not be much scarier if he looked creepy however because it is very predictable that whenever you reach the location to plant the camera he appears. All he does is move his arms in a primative way to stab you.

The controls themselves are horrible, even when walking forward your camera tilts to the side as if you have no muscle in your neck to hold your head up.

The gameplay consists of walking through an area and holding the E button in specific spots. That is it.

The sounds are bad and mostly non-existant.

Honestly, there really is no redeeming factors about this game. The only reason I bother giving it a 2 is because it is free. I'd be mad if I paid for this.

I can tell you worked on this game for about 2 hours. The model is a piece of crap, the first two jump scares are the scariest things, and then it is just repetitive. It is almost impossible to win, and very plain. I recommend NOT to play this game, and find something else to play, like Slender, The Outlast, or Amnesia.

This map wasnt yours. You got it on the internet, and put a monster and an ai into it. ********.


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