A first-person horror game where suspense, psychological horror and immersion in the history of the game are a target. Inspired in several feature Japanese, Korean and Spanish movies , so the psychological horror is a main key.

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I Have to say, this is a great game. It's quite an unusual game but it makes it worth a download. i do recommend this to horror fans.


Kajuaru says

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Admittingly, I'm not one for horror games. But this game caught my interest, and after a few months of other activities, I decided to play it.

And I loved every minute of it.

During the whole game, the atmosphere of the game oppresses you, threatens you for going further, simply letting the environment affect you. The way you made the sound work is one of my favorite parts (aka you could hear your own heartbeat, the lights buzzing, realistic acoustics).

And then the creatures came out.

I freaked, and panicked every time one came near, every time my light went out. I was afraid something would come around the corner.

The ending, though, was somewhat anti-climatic, and had a mild visual quality drop. Bleh.

And for a single person as the developer, the graphics were incredible.

This is one of the few horror games I have not regret playing. I'm hoping you continue creating games.


infernoshe1385300755 says

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had a blast apart for falling into the sewer thru the tiny hole in the garden stumped me for a while apart from that scares were great sound perfect and i loved seeing my charector some graphics of the enviroment seemed to small for my avatar to fit thru but that might just be me ^_^




NightSshadeGaming says

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I found that this game managed to live up to my expectations, I did see the things that I wanted to see from it when I clicked on that *track* button. [SPOILERS AHEAD!] The jumpscare where that girl jumps on you is purely awesome, not only for the graphical part, but is also good because it was KIND-OF unpredictable. Of course you will think about the posibility she will start chasing you, or you will faint again, but never that she can jump on you since I didn't see her doing that before. The end of the game kinda dissapointed me, since I expected some more epic ending for such a masterpiece, but I suppose it was OK. In my opinion you shouldn't have even introduced that guy (the second enemy) in the game, the girl is much more creepier. If you did it like that :
'You are on the ceiling finding a pistol, and you hear her scream again, coming to you' then it would be totally more epic in my opinion. Also, this game I THINK was inspired by that horror comic that is on the internet, don't really remember the name, that you think you are only reading it and then it starts moving (again, cannot remember the name of the story). The girl's model is 99% similar to the one I'm talking about. In my opinion, graphics were astonishing, as I said before. The FPS is good for those graphics, and the game itself is creepy, but the ending dissapointed me a little. 9/10, hoping to see more games like that :) I say a little more in the episode, just my fingers are getting lazy, so if you want to hear what else I have in mind just go to the last 3 minutes of the video :) Regards,


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