A first-person horror game where suspense, psychological horror and immersion in the history of the game are a target. Inspired in several feature Japanese, Korean and Spanish movies , so the psychological horror is a main key.

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7 ScreamScreen

May 21st, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Hello! I played Ildefonse a long time ago on youtube, but do not be offended everyone, it's just my opinions Im gonna state now ;) I base my rate out of Quality, Scares, Lag, Story and Length (Atmosphere and stuff like that goes in the Quality)

First of all I must say Quality: You did a good job on that part, just the retarded way to run at and the walking speed is super slow drags down my vote about 1-2, I never finished it because the game crashed after a couple of minutes wherever I was, like it was a timer for it to crash :P Scares: I must say, it gives goosebumps alright but nothing particularly scary, the sewers was a little bit more scary than giving goosebumps, but goosebumps is a good thing like it gives you a feeling of like something's gonna attack you in any minute ;) Lag: There was absolutely no lag, GOOD JOB on that! Story: Great story, but it could be much more improved with voice-acting :P and last but not least Length: I never finished it so I cant really tell, but I think it's a worthy 2-3 episodes which is suiting length for an indie game ;)

Quality: 7 - Scares: 7 - Lag: 10 - Story: 8 - Length: 9

LuisVilbro says
7 LuisVilbro

Mar 11th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

Ildefonse has a very good sense atmosphere and place. Its very claustrophobic tight corridors, dark environments, nice presentation and the interesting story set-up make this a good horror game.
Unfortunately, there are somethings that detach from the experience...
The camera effect that simulates real human movement and the presence of the character's body in the screen being this in First Person brings something nice to the table. While this realistic behavior of the body creates credibility, it also can became quite annoying when sprinting, especially in the maze sewer level. The sprinting can only be done in certain areas. While interesting, this would make more sense if all the large areas were sprint-able, which is not the case.
Besides this and some other smaller issues, Ildefonse can be a truly creepy game.

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