Ichi is an easy to play but challenging one button puzzle game. Don't be deceived by the game simplistic look, it’s a braintwister for sure! Collect golden rings by rotating objects, using teleporters, breaking blocks and more. If that isn’t enough, the game includes a level editor that allows you to create your own levels and share them with anyone around the globe! Ichi started as a challenge for Jay van Hutten to develop a simple, cute and fun one button puzzle game. Almost a year after its initial freeware release, Stolen Couch Games took over the challenge and co-developed the new game Ichi game for mobile devices, PCs and Macs. Features: - Fun and original one button gameplay - Over 50 brain-twisting puzzles - Catchy music - Built-in level editor - Hundreds of user-created levels - Share your own made levels with the world!

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Um dos melhores do gênero.

I wonder many people are playing this without 'cheating' with a walkthrough? I say this because it gets so difficult so quickly that I find myself suspicious.


The best puzzles this side portal.


Aww yea! I love this game. I always got A score


This is a great game for the android platform. It provides short bursts of puzzly goodness, perfect for portable play. The interface is clean and the controls are responsive.

Seriously fun, really well done. It's a really great puzzle game, highly recommended, 10/10!


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