A fast Action RPG at its core, I Shall Remain combines role-playing elements with survival and strategic aspects, and creates a blend never before seen. Through complex, real-time character progression and RPG system, over a hundred abilities to learn and shape your experience, dozens of weapons and enhancers, thousands of Infected, over twenty mutations, tens of NPCs and teammates, within a twenty hour long story campaign, ISR offers plenty for everybody. Don't miss being part of our Beta release!

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One or two glitches, but still incredible! Great job, I am impressed that this is your first game!

A "like it" or "hate it" kind of game by judging other reviews here. I'm on the like it side, looking forward to the next chapter. Good job!

The game wouldn't start without crashing, but I will rate it highly because the developers are trying to help. The game looks amazing, and I hope I can play it soon.

I Truely Enjoy this game always been a fan of this style of game and you brought it further for me thanks to every who made this title so far.
Semper Fi!

stay frosty, gents

Fantastic old school post apocalyptic horror rpg . Dark, creepy atmosphere which devs created is just amazing. Great music & terrifying sounds, day and night cycle, weather and smoke effects, "noir" graphics style and many more things makes this game mega addictive, just like in it's time were Diablo or Hellgate: London... I love it!

Even in it's current state this is one of the coolest and scariest zombie survival games I have played to date. Especially as it gets pitch black in survival mode.... great!

The premise of this game is something I've been looking for for the longest time.

The ability to improve your stats by using them, scavenge items, sell them, recruit people and specialize make this the kind of zombie game I've always wanted.

Game is great :) Bought the version that gives you updates and the survival mode so I'm not just playing the story over an over. Things that could be worked on would have to be the way the game alerts you to things going on, I was getting hit by a zombie behind me for about 10 seconds but didn't know it because action was hot (last wave on night 1) as far as I could tell there were no audio cues, and the zombie was in some type of red dust cloud thing, so any visual cues were completely obscured. Other than that, GIVE ME MORE!!!!!


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