Hyperspace Pinball combines the controls of pinball with the game play of an arcade shooter wrapped up in a universe of aliens, explosions and more! Travel through the solar system flipping shots while earning bonuses, power-ups, enhancements and achievements like a pinball wizard! Fight your way through bosses and special enemies like anti-balls, spinners and shooters on your way to planet Earth for the final showdown! If you're good enough, you can even compete for the top score against other players; even on other platforms! Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy? Find out with Hyperspace Pinball!

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You can't configure the inputs from within the game (Games : Hyperspace Pinball : Forum : Bug Reports : You can't configure the inputs from within the game) Locked
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Apr 23 2012 Anchor

The Unity engine, at the time of this writing, doesn't allow you to configure the Input Manager inputs. Additionally, I have no way of retrieving which keys are mapped to each input. If I remove all of the Unity inputs, then I'm stuck with an empty "Inputs" tab on startup.

I'd rather live with that than reports of people not being able to figure out how to play the game, and the game not telling them what keys to press by default.

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Dec 17 2012 Anchor

I get what your saying. But if in-game configurations isn't practical. Is there a config file or something we can edit to change the controls? I would love to play this on my arcade cabinet, but the way it is wired the joystick & buttons are mapped to certain keys by the hardware & I cant reconfigure those for each game I play.

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