An accurate simulation of "The Hunger Games". You're a tribute, fighting intelligent AI in a "battle royal" to be the last person standing. Inspired by the novels by Suzanne Collins and the movies by Lionsgate Films. This is a turned based combat game in 1st person perspective, with Roguelike elements. The randomly generated arenas feature a central "Cornucopia" filled with melee and ranged weapons along with food and other gear, surrounded by wilderness in which one can hide or forage. You may form alliances with the other tributes, and backstab or be backstabbed by your allies. In the preview image (from the audience standpoint) you can see the semicircle of 24 tributes on their platforms, the central golden Cornucopia, gear in front of and within it, and surrounding forest containing mountains and waterways. "May the odds be ever in your favor!" :)

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0 comments by Cruiser1 on Jun 5th, 2015

The new version 3.1 of the Hunger Games Simulation is downloadable here, and includes the following additions over the previous version 3.0 that was released in September 2014:

  • New Arenas: Play in tropical island arenas, ruined city arenas, and even compose your own custom arena bitmaps (sample arena of the 12 Districts included). Beware the moving firewall of lava that forces remaining tributes together.
  • New Actions: New commands to propose an alliance (which may or may not be accepted), and free fellow tributes from Nets. New map which only shows other tribute locations. Net objects can be set on the ground as traps.
  • New Visuals: Movie of each day's fallen tributes is projected into the sky at night. Your movement in game smoothly animates showing intermediate frames. Tribute graphics show item worn when looking at them. Nine times as many chat responses, depending on personality and relative strength.
  • New Settings: 26 new options for customizing the play environment, such as number of Mutts and when they're released into the arena, difficulty levels that don't indicate who died when the cannon fires, and option to automatically give tributes random District appropriate names.

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Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 3.1)

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 3.1)

Jun 3, 2015 Full Version 62 comments

An accurate simulation of "The Hunger Games". You're a tribute, fighting intelligent AI in a "battle royal" to be the last person standing. Inspired by...

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 3.0)

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 3.0)

Sep 2, 2014 Full Version 9 comments

This is an older release: You probably want to download the latest version 3.1 instead.

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 2.5)

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 2.5)

Oct 12, 2013 Full Version 10 comments

This is an older release: You probably want to download the latest version 3.1 instead.

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 2.4)

Hunger Games Simulation (Daedalus 2.4)

Sep 29, 2013 Full Version 1 comment

This is an older release: You probably want to download the latest version 3.1 instead.

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PeaceMaker1452 May 30 2015, 7:40pm says:

Maybe you could add some backpacks for extra storage space like 3 or 4 slots and maybe have some basic stuff in their like perhaps a campfire supplies or a basic weapon and some bread

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Cruiser1 Creator
Cruiser1 May 31 2015, 12:49am replied:

Indeed, backpacks would add the fun of "playing the lottery" to the game. For example, grab a backpack and run away like in the movie, then check what you got in it and as a result be pleased or disappointed.

One thing you can do already that's somewhat related to this idea is change the number of inventory slots all tributes have, as described at this link: - Playing the game when everybody has 20 inventory slots is a very different experience than playing with just 3 slots.

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crazedgunman502 Jun 1 2015, 5:34pm replied:

Changing inventory slots was one of my favorite changes you can make to the game. It deeply changes the way you play. It is just unrealistic to carry 9 tridents on your person without a backpack. Having 4 slots is my personal favorite. I like to restrict myself to one big weapon and 2 "small weapons" (knives) or food. It makes the game a lot harder to win as you cannot constantly chuck out tridents like a machine gun. You have to stockpile supplies at a location tributes wont find (like at the very edge of an arena).

I really strongly suggest you add backpacks for people like me who like to play a much more harder and realistic version of the game (with weapons that instant kill, no radar etc.

The one feature I want the most out of anything else is to have a fully 3d experience, by having more than 1 object on a single tile! Caves, a roof for the cornucopia, etc. I understand that could be a lot of work, but something to look out for 3.2!

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Cruiser1 Creator
Cruiser1 Jun 3 2015, 3:13am replied:

Yeah, carrying 10 Tridents at once is a bit much. However, only being able to carry three Arrows with a Bow doesn't make much sense either. (Perhaps assume that in default Games all tributes are sent into the arena with an empty backpack as part of their arena gear, that doesn't show up in inventory?) To really improve, the game should allow multiple minor items like ammunition to appear in the same inventory slot (e.g. "B: 5 Arrows"), or else have items have different weights (so you can carry e.g. either 2 Swords, or 20 Darts, before reaching max capacity).

Difficulty levels are in 3.1 (look at new setting "q" at which if set to "q1" or greater will disable the "cheat" commands like Tab that shows map radar).

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PeaceMaker1452 Jun 3 2015, 9:25pm replied:

For arrows you could add quivers for 3.2

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PeaceMaker1452 Jun 2 2015, 12:48am replied:

How do you get a weapon to do an instant kill and what do you mean by no radar?

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Cruiser1 Creator
Cruiser1 Jun 3 2015, 2:59am replied:

A weapon can instantly kill if its max damage is greater than max tribute health. For example, if you lower tribute hp to 5 as described on then Swords and such may kill enemies in one hit. You can also raise the damage of weapons by editing the damage table in the hunger.ds file (the line starting with "SetVars %JDmg", so that a weapon does at least 10 damage, which can also instantly kill enemies.

"No Radar" means not using the Tab key commands to see the map of where other tributes are. It can also refer to lowering the listen radius (setting "N") so you can't detect the actions of tributes from as far away.

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JeonForever May 22 2015, 10:11pm says:

Cruiser, I know that the new versions probably coming soon but I have ideas for either this version or the next.

1.) More varieties of food (Apples, Cheese ,Crackers)

2.) Nets in the water collect a fish over time

3.) Grenades do splash damage (If I throw a grenade at a tribute, all tributes in its radius should be damaged too)

4.) Special feasts/sponsor items that prevent you from being hurt by game maker disasters (ex: Fire-proof suit to prevent damage from wildfires)

5.) Smokebomb (Stuns target for a turn and prevents them from seeing any tributes in a certain radius. Should be .5x the default range setting for example throwing a smoke bomb from 12 spaces away instead of the default 8, stuns for 4 or less turns)

6.) Alternate health source (Bread can heal, a leaf could be added that heals etc.)

7.) Pools of lava in mountains / deserts

8.) A way to save character names. If i name 24 tributes, I kind of wanna save names (like you did w/ the 74th and 75th games.) I want this just because I really like naming characters since it adds more depth

9.) Molotov weapon (Throwing a molotov at your target engulfs them in flames and does plenty of damage.)

10.) Change the colors on the TAB map!!! I swear I can never find out where anyone is if the map size is 200+, especially if their district color is a neutral color! Either make all the colors but your district partner a bright red and your ally green, or change the brightness of the colors. ANYTHING!!

11.) Finally add that power attack thing and the poison!!! I wanna push people into mutts / water so they lose some health.

12.) After X amount of turns, revive the mutts. Usually my mutts are dead by turn 125 or so and are practically useless. :[

13.) Winning a hunger games over 20+ minutes that you've found very difficult is very awarding, but why not give the winning player different achievements. I know they're stated and all, but they're not really 'thrown out there' enough...I could help you make achievement ideas if you want to actually implement them in the game

14.) Attacking someones ally (not district partner) should make that person hostile towards you and make them want to come after you.

15.) The careers honestly do such a bad job of defending the stockpile. I always sneak in and camp there till its feast time. I think that a career should be selected every night to stay at the cornucopia randomly and another career or two will return every 40 turns or so to check on the stockpile and if the original career there got killed.

that's all i got for now though :s

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Cruiser1 Creator
Cruiser1 May 26 2015, 1:25pm replied:

We are indeed getting close to the next version, however it's never a bad time for new ideas! :) Here are a few thoughts on things not currently in the game:

2: Using Nets as snares to automatically catch Fish would be cool, however to avoid infinite food Nets should remove a Fish from the current body of water. If there's only 3 Fish in a small lake, after you catch the 3rd the Net shouldn't do anything else.

6: We don't want to make it too easy, but a few ideas to raise health have been discussed before. For example, resting in one square through the night, or being full above max food for over 50 turns, could regenerate health. A special leaf or plant could remove tracker jacker hallucination (instead of having to use a First-Aid Kit) which would align with the movie.

13: Yes, currently all achievements in the game are unofficial, and aren't tracked by the game itself. I agree it would be meaningful if the game would detect and display them. Of course, that means they should be saved somewhere, so subsequent starts of the program will remember your hard-won achievements.

15: Careers guarding the Cornucopia needs to be considered carefully. For example, after the Bloodbath there may not be anything left worth guarding other than a few Picks and Blowguns. If there wasn't much food at the Cornucopia, staying there long term may not be wise either. There also may not be enough Careers left to spare a guard. Not all arenas have Feasts, so tribute AI saying "camp out here until the Feast" may not pay off either.

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Cruiser1 Creator
Cruiser1 May 23 2015, 3:59pm replied:

Thanks for sharing all your ideas and observations. :) I'll start by mentioning a few things that can be done already:

8: If you want to name all tributes yourself, just press the apostrophe (') key and enter a comma separated list of names. For example, enter "Cashmere,Gloss,Enobaria,Brutus,Wiress,Beetee ,Mags,Finnick,,,Morphling,Morphling ,Johanna,Blight,Cecilia,Woof,, ,,,Seeder,Chaff,Katniss,Peeta" (minus the surrounding double quotes) to give the tributes names from the 75th Hunger Games. Just save that text in a file, and copy/paste it in whenever you want to apply your saved list of names. Also, in 3.1 there's a new setting that will automatically give all tributes random District appropriate names.

10: In 3.1 there's a new map variation command that only shows the location of other tributes, and not terrain and items that indeed can make it harder to find people.

12: Mutts last longer in larger arenas. In Mountain and Maze arenas, they may not even show up before the end of the game. In 3.1 you can have X additional Mutts released into the arena after Y turns. Make X large enough and you have a "mutt finale" like at the end of the 74th Games.

14: This should already happen. Play a non-Career, attack say the D1 Male, and notice not only the D1 Female is mad at you and treating you as Enemy, but so are their allies from D2 and D4.

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Guest May 21 2015, 11:37pm says:

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