Build a home, build a community, build HOPE.

Hope is a first person, world and community building roleplaying game. Set in the junkpunk world of EverSky, where people live on flying structures known as "rigs". Your role is to help build the community on a rig called "Hope", using a wide variety of tools. You will build, enhance and maintain the rig, whilst trading, crafting and socializing with the rigs inhabitants.

EverSky is an alternate world where everything is made from salvage. The rules of physics and the laws of entropy work differently in EverSky, as you will learn as you master the physics-powered gravity gun, the remote control "build drone" and a whole array of other such tools, which allow you as a player the complete freedom to build out the rig to your own design.

You are not alone on the rig, nor is your rig alone in the world. Spend time socializing, or trading with other rigs in order to build up funds to buy new enhancements for your home. Win over the people on the rig and watch as their respect grows for your dedication to their home.

Hope is all about freedom. You are free to play as you like, the game will adapt itself to you as you play, offering new experiences and new inhabitants to interact with. We want you to really want to spend time aboard Hope!

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3 comments by zoombapup on Apr 20th, 2014

Had a rough last few weeks. But before we get to that, here's an update video:

As you can probably tell by the tone of the video, things are at a bit of a low point right now. I had a Unity crash that took out some UI work I'd been doing for about a week, unfortunately my backup wasn't up to restoring that work (I've learnt a valuable lesson about doing backups of Unity projects and what doesn't work there). Luckily the code is all in source control, so its just a bunch of GUI setup and the like, but its fiddly as hell and kind of annoying work to do.

So I was demotivated a bit on working on the game because of that crash, figuring that it could do it again at any point (its not the crashing I mind, its the trashing of the scene file that loses me work I mind). I figured over Easter break I'd give myself a few weeks off and play with the new Unreal Engine 4 release.

I have a couple of what I think are good and compelling ideas for games I could make with Unreal, so I started shifting some assets into a test framework:

Unreal is a really VERY pretty rendering engine. It has some pretty cool features, but also has downsides compared to Unity in terms of gameplay iteration times. So I'm going to experiment with blueprints a bit, see how they hold up performance-wise.

Anyway, getting back to the downers of the last few weeks, the other major down in terms of HOPE is that the money I had hoped to secure for the procedural character system for the game isn't coming (if you recall I entered a "competition" for funding much like a dragons den kind of thing). Which means that I'm basically stuck. Unless I can find a good character artist I'm at a bit of an en-passe because without characters the game isn't going to work. Its about community after all.

So I'm going to step away from HOPE for a month or so. Give some thoughts to working with Unreal, hopefully giving Unity a chance to come out with better licensing terms or source availability, work on releasing my current inventory/crafting system on the Unity asset store and generally do something else before I get back into the swing of things.

Its been a bit of a crushing time, so hopefully a break will do me good, give me back some energy for the project and let me have some fun again. I really should look for an artist in the meantime though :)

I'll keep you posted anyway!

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OutLaw14 Mar 17 2013, 6:22pm says:

beside building rig will i have some quest like get that sell that buy that will i be able to attack other rig?Btw this look like great idea can't wait for game!

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zoombapup Creator
zoombapup Mar 17 2013, 8:36pm replied:

There's an ultimate goal yeah. You build the rig for a purpose. You won't get quests so much, but you'll have requirements a bit like a city sim game. So power, or food or whatever. You'll have to trade for many of them.

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OutLaw14 Mar 22 2013, 5:29am replied:

sounds good

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FoxnEagle Mar 5 2013, 7:47pm says:

Hello, me again :D

So I have some more questions, but first off I would like to support you by telling you that this game is looking AWESOME so far. The physics engine looks well designed and has some opportunities (bowling alley!), the overall concept sounds really nice, and I believe most of us are waiting to see more of the gameplay.

You said a while back in one of your videos that you were going to change how objects like generators and pumps are "wired." Maybe I missed an update, but how is that coming along?

With these videos that you are showing us, you are either viewing the platform from a 3rd person perspective, or as a 1st person view on the platform. Will that also be in the game (3rd person as a kind of an overview of HOPE as well as building major items, and 1st person as more cosmetic items or wiring)?

In response to my last post of many questions, you said that the player will be one of the inhabitants, so I am assuming that you will be starting off as an individual that rises above everyone else and becomes the "mayor/leader." Is that so?

One big question everyone will wanted to know as HOPE nears its release date is F2P or P2P? (You sometimes make it sound like it is just "you" but in your description it says "we," making me assume that you are some group of people in a business, not someone just having fun)

With the barrels and other random items, will they be purely cosmetic or will they have actual meaning? (Barrels as fuel barrels next to a generator, and in a construction zone the danger signs will prevent civilians from walking there) Going off of that, will trading be physically done (trade a barrel of oil for food, and you have to have the space for the barrel) or will it just be quantitative (you trade x units of food for x amount of fuel, and you don't have to worry about space)

Second to last question: How easily can this be converted across platforms?

Lastly, (meek voice) can I test the game?...


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zoombapup Creator
zoombapup Mar 6 2013, 6:17pm replied:

OK, so the answer was so long had to split it into three parts. Please read the parts below in reverse order (bottom first). Sorry about that :)

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zoombapup Creator
zoombapup Mar 6 2013, 6:16pm replied:

Part Three

Second to last answer: The engine is all written to be cross platform, but I've been lazy in actually doing the build setup for it all. Essentially all of the code SHOULD just work but inevitably it wont. If it takes more than a couple of weeks for supporting any of the non-windows platforms It'll be because I have less experience on them. Getting the game to run on the android tablet is a sort of side-project. I doubt it'll run the main game as-is, so maybe there'll be some limits there (more about trade, less about social/physics).

Last answer: sure :) physics test is coming soon. As is always the case with these things. I had planned to start sending out versions this weekend, but found a pretty nasty bug in physics update once I went to get the build together. So we'll have to see. Certainly should have an early "lets see how quickly it breaks" build ready soon though. Expect it to be really bad :)

Anyway, thanks for the great questions. Will send you a message when the test build is ready.

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zoombapup Creator
zoombapup Mar 6 2013, 6:15pm replied:

Part Two

Currently the team is me (programmer/designer) and Valentin (artist). I do some part time work to pay both of our (meagre) wages. As regards the game. Its not primarily intended as an online game initially, so the f2p p2p thing doesn't really matter right now. It'll be a simple purchase. Although once the network stuff gets implemented (in a subsequent release) we'll likely have to find a model that funds the servers etc. The reason I want to make the singleplayer experience first is really down to the logistics of servers and such being hard to support. Longer term plan is to expand the game outwards into a far larger experience (online and various forms of asynchronous play). Key is to get the world feeling right in singleplayer.

Regarding the barrels and such. There's going to be a mix of cosmetic items and value items. Barrels might well be used as units of resource for something (ships do used fuel for propulsion). The main resource in the game is refined metal from scrap (in various forms of refinement). I'll show a vid of that soon hopefully. Some things really are just to make the place look more interesting though. Barrels/crates will likely be used by traders to indicate how many goods they have for trade too. So they serve a purpose in that sense. Trading and requiring space and such is a good question. Right now I've implemented a few options and I've not had enough time to test which one I prefer yet. I'm probably going to go with having storage objects like containers which have inventory space. You can essentially but unlimited numbers of containers with a fixed size inventory for storing things. So its kind of an unlimited supply of limited inventories. Its going to be a balancing act to figure out when all the inventory management becomes too cumbersome though, so I reserve the right to just have a single inventory if it all feels wrong ;)

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zoombapup Creator
zoombapup Mar 6 2013, 6:15pm replied:

Hey FoxnEagle! Thanks for the questions.. will try and answer them all :)

Part One

Wiring is functional, so I figured I'd work on making more things that are worth wiring for now. Then go back and rework the wiring system. It should be a quick change to make it better (I had an idea when I first wrote it, but now realize that was too complex). So I'm adding in the compactor/processor (a machine that turns junk that gets delivered into raw metal resource for sale) and generator etc. Then will likely go back over wiring (these things need wiring up and maintaining). Hopefully will show you that in the next update.

The main view you have in game is first person. I wanted that because it puts you inside the world. There's a "build drone" mode that puts you into a sort of third person mode and lets you zoom around. The idea is that you're controlling a small robot that is controlling buildings of larger structures for you. Haven't put in the robot yet, but its pretty trivial. So yes, mostly first person, sometimes third person. Its pretty easy to jetpack around the world to get to different views though.

About the mayor/leader thing. You start off as one of a few inhabitants of the default rig. The idea is to make the rig more attractive so that new inhabitants join you. I guess you could think of yourself as defacto leader/major. I doubt anyone will address you that formally though. Unless you want to impress them with formal items aboard the rig (there's a bunch of items you can but for the rig that will change the social structure of the rigs inhabitants a bit). Have to be vague about that for now, but at some point I'll show you the ideas for that. I think its very interesting.

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FoxnEagle Mar 6 2013, 8:51pm replied:

Well I am very much looking forward to it. Thanks for all the info!

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Silver_Rathalos Mar 3 2013, 7:19am says:

Lookin' good, can't wait.

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