What Makes Homeworld Unique? Real-time strategy is one of the most exciting and entertaining genres of gaming. These titles bring together the thrill of watching troops charge into battle on your order and the intensity of managing the conflict from high above the battlefield with the precision of a chess grandmaster. Now, for the first time, comes a game that brings heart-stopping 3D warfare to the vastness of space. Homeworld is the next evolution of real-time strategy games, delivering a fresh experience in a totally 3D universe. Homeworld gives players a new level of freedom to create new styles of gameplay while simultaneously delivering cinematic quality graphics, stunning special effects, brilliantly rendered ships and an innovative interface.

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Aug 15th, 2008
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A large collection of Homeworld 1, Cataclysm & Homeworld 2 modding software & reference material.

I did not create any of these programs/reference materials, I have just compiled them into one large download to save modders time. The programs herein will allow the end user to mod every version of Homeworld, they are the latest version I have and are accompanied by whatever manuals/readmes/documentation I got when I downloaded them. If there are any program creators that object to this distribution please notify me and I will remove your program. I don't imagine anyone will mind as these are all freely available on the web, just scattered about on many websites, and this download makes them available to the most interested parties. Finally, if there are other utilities that are not in this package or additinal documentation I can provide with any of these programs, please let me know.

HW1-2 - 3D Exploration 1.5.3 - converts .peo files to .obj and a host of other 3D conversions and tasks
HW1-2 - HWSE.v2.02b hod - Allows viewing of HW1 & HWC models, this is the newest version I know of.
* Sometimes it is necessary to end the process in task manager after closing the window
HW1-2 - Metasequoia LE 2.3b2 - 3D modeler Although there are newer versions this is the last freeware that I found
* Save files as .x to save material points on mesh before opening with 3D Exploration
to save as an .obj
HW1 - BIG - I never used this program
HW1 - BigViewer 2.0 - HW1 .big archive extractor
HW1 - BigViewer 3.0 - HW1 .big archive extractor
HW1 - BTG - a .btg background editor
HW1 - GEO Specifications - for the 3D model format .geo
HW1 - Homeworld 1 Dedicated Server - I never used this program
HW1 - HWSE 1.41.00 - Allows viewing of HW1 & HWC models
HW1 - HWSE 1.41.02 - Allows viewing of HW1 & HWC models
HW1 - HWShipEditor 1.41.install.+update.b2 - Full packages of above versions
HW1 - Lif2Psd - Converts the Layered Image Format textures to Photoshop .psd files with team and stripe layers
HW1 - LifList - I never used this program
HW1 - MEX Edit - for editing MEX files
HW1 - Relic - AIFR Encoder - Audio Converter
HW1 - Spookysoft - LL viewer 2.00 - I never used this program
HW1 - Turret Tools - A set of tools for turret manipulation
HW1 - WavefrontConverterII - Turns multi-object 3D model files and converts them to one object
HW1 - winbig - Homeworld 1 archive tool
HW1 - winbigw - Homeworld 1 & Cataclysm archive tool
HW2 - 4E534B - BTG2BGHODConv - Converts HW1 .btg files to HW2 background .hods
HW2 - 4E534B - CFHodEd 3.2.0 Tangent - Newest version of CFHodEd I could find with Tangent calculator
HW2 - 4E534B - CFHodEdit 3.1.5 - The best Homeworld2 .hod editor/creator with manual
HW2 - 4E534B - CFLuaDC - Decompiles HW2 lua script files - I do not know if it compiles scripts as well
HW2 - 4E534B - HW2BGBuilder - Builds a HW2 background .hod from a .tga file
HW2 - 4E534B - MADEd - Mad animation editor with manual
HW2 - 4E534B - msHODExporter - Milkshape .hod exporter plugin
HW2 - ArcivPretty v1.12 - I never used this program
HW2 - DDS Converter 2 - Converts many graphics types into .dds file format
HW2 - Function Reference v05[1].08.10 - A nice reference to HW2 functions & abilities for ships & weapons & more
HW2 - HardEd - HW2 HOD Edit - a .hod file editor
HW2 - HOD Subsets - a group of spreadsheets that contain info about the default HW2 .hods
HW2 - Homeworld2 Map Editor 1.2 - a decent map making program
HW2 - HW1 to HW2 - Map Converter - the name says it all
HW2 - HW2 Weapon Script Editor - I never used this program
HW2 - HW2.HOD.Reporter.v5.2 - Can create background .hods
HW2 - hw2mt - Musicconvertor
HW2 - InternalMissionEd - I never used these scripts
HW2 - Lathe Of Sajuuk 109 - Level Creator - A nice looking large scale Level Creator has a manual
HW2 - Level Proof Reader
HW2 - MissionBoySE - HW2 level creator/editor
HW2 - NVidia dds plugin - allows photoshop to open, edit, save .dds files
HW2 - PrettyPrinter v1.27 - lua script decompiler
HW2 - Relic Developers Network Tools - Original Relic Tool Kit
HW2 - Relic Developers Network Tools Update - Update kit
HW2 - SCAR HTMLHelp - reference material for SCAR
HW2 - Spookysoft - Hod Tool - hod tool
HW2 - Spookysoft - HW2ICArchive - archive tool
HW2 - Spookysoft - ROTTool - converts .tga files to .rot files
HW2 - Spookysoft - ROTTool - converts .tga files to .rot files
HW2 - ThoughtDump v1.23 - I never used this program
HW2 - unfBig 1.4.1 - an excellent HW2 .big archive file creator/extractor
HW2 - unfHardEd11+ - I never used this program

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Homeworld Universe Mod Tools
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moosomething Aug 16 2008 says:

yea first download

-1 votes     reply to comment
CrymsonWildcat Aug 18 2008 says:

I'm so downloading this! :D

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mikali_Homeworld Aug 22 2008 says:

Please list all the tools contained in the archive, please.

+1 vote     reply to comment
chris80502 Author
chris80502 Aug 22 2008 replied:

Here you go, I added the file list with brief description from within the download to the details.

+1 vote   reply to comment
veliptor Aug 22 2008 buried:


whats the game about

-9 votes     reply to comment
Piemanlives Feb 18 2010 replied:

what the **** is wrong with you i mean not to be hurtful or anything but read the games description

+4 votes     reply to comment
EatThePath Dec 1 2008 says:

A great archive that should help combat the rampant broken links that plague the HW2 modding community. The included CFHodEd is a bit out of date though

+1 vote     reply to comment
THUNDAX Jan 16 2009 says:


Thanks for compiling all this crap!

You might want to separate these things into smaller categorized downloads since there are multiple tools for each aspect of the game in this download.

Other than that, thanks A bunch bro.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Mcgrubber Sep 25 2010 replied:

why can't i download this??? it doesnt open

+1 vote     reply to comment
lex33 Apr 15 2009 says:

I have a problem on vista with the map editor, it opens then immediatly closes!


+1 vote     reply to comment
chris80502 Author
chris80502 Jun 10 2009 replied:

I don't think that program works in Vista.

+1 vote   reply to comment
P.Bobbert Jul 18 2009 says:

This makes me so happy. I have been trying to find a .BIG unarchiver/compiler for almost 4 hours now. And I finaly find one that works. All the other ones had problems, even the one by relic. (RDN) I finaly came across the unfbig program, but the link was broken. Then I searched it, and found this. Why I didnt check here first, i dont know. Thanks

+1 vote     reply to comment
Blindeye Oct 19 2009 says:

Great upload chris80502

+1 vote     reply to comment
stardestroyer001 May 20 2010 says:

The unfBigprogram doesn't work, when creating a .big file it flashes a command prompt and then nothing.

+1 vote     reply to comment
stardestroyer001 May 20 2010 says:

never mind.

0 votes     reply to comment
killerdude8 Mar 4 2011 says:

the HW2 - Homeworld2 Map Editor 1.2 dosent work for me, it opens and closes in a split second anyone know what the problem is?

+1 vote     reply to comment
nadarko Apr 23 2011 says:

may i make a recomendation? im no modder but wouldent it be easer if you made the tools for the homeworld games in indivigule downloads? not everyone owns 1, 2, and caticlism.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Super_battle_droid Jun 25 2011 says:

OK why is this download not working it comes up with an error taking to long to respond, don't tell me this is another dead download.

+1 vote     reply to comment
LeviathansWrath Jun 19 2012 replied:

far from dead pal.

+1 vote     reply to comment
lucman2010 Jun 30 2012 says:

exported .obj from cfhod 4 cannot be imported properly by milks shape 3d 1.8.x

+1 vote     reply to comment
Comanche_Prime Nov 17 2012 says:

there is a dead link...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 15 2013 says:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

Guest Mar 23 2014 says:

thanks been looking for some of these tools, i was abou to give up so many broken links for this game 100% happiness.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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