Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth - a sci-fi action adventure first-person game. The story takes place in a world that is not yet destroyed by the Seven Hour War apocalypse. People have not yet known the terrifying future of the Earth, the future that shall bring only death and destruction. Most of the survivors will (be able to) tell their stories that began in the world untouched the power and rule of the alien invaders. Each of these stories are unique in their own way. But we will tell you only one of them. It may be not the most remarkable one. This is a story of a man called Jack Trevor, whose world turned around in a blink of an eye. This is a lost story. A story of the last days of Earth.

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Anywhere [OLD] [Source Engine] Character Animator at Lost Stories Team

[source engine] character animator lost stories team anywhere artists the lost stories team is a young indie game developer team working on an indie source engine game "lost story: the last days of earth", that will expand the half-life universe. we are in need of model animator on the paid position that require maximal willingness to work. or model animator to work for free (unpaid position) on their own time. the requirements to all candidates are: * have a basic understanding of the english language. * be able to create believable and realistic animations with the presented human and animal models. * be able to create rig for model. * be able to create ik for the model. + knowledge of the source sdk faceposer tool and choreography as a bonus, but not necessary. + basic understanding of the russian language as a bonus, but not necessary too. + basic knowledge of svn as a bonus, but not necessary. * be able to communicate and work with mappers and/or modelers (not necessarily their programs) to properly implement animations. * be able to communicate and/or update frequently via skype, steam or email. * activity and sociability. if you feel you've met these requirements, feel free to contact us with your application.

Lost Story: The Last Days of Earth
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Lost Stories Team
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