Betrayed by those he once trusted and hunted by the police, Agent 47 finds himself caught in the center of a dark conspiracy and propelled through a corrupt and twisted world.

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This installment in the series is channeling Jason Bourne. Having a faster pace, as you are the one being hunted. This is done via enemies being more aware of your face than ever before, spotting you from further away and being able to recognize you with your back turned. You also have no access to weapon selection screen or map. So your essentially making do with what you've got while you are on the run. However the core of the gameplay, what we've always loved, seems hampered.

+Wide array of weapons and improvised assassinations
+Fairly hard, the changes to make the game more difficult can be bit unfair as I've said. Requiring you to rely on disguises and blending in with crowds to get certain areas, and no manual save system means you have to be more careful.
+Cover system where you can peek around corners.
+Melee combat.
+Challenges that you get to do add replayability, as well as a Contracts mode that we get to play user defined levels.

-+Levels are a bit more linear & smaller than before, having less choice as to how to go about it.
-+No map or weapon selection/customization before missions.

-The more cinematic feel of killing your targets in a cutscene... I want to be in control, to many games these days take it away eventhough that can make the game feel more grand, theres no reason to take control away if the player can do it. And Killing is something we certainly can do.
-Not enough targets. It feels like the amount of actual hits you do is quite small compared to the other games.

-The disguise system is still not perfect. Turning your back on NPC's won't stop them from getting suspicious. Only if you are blending in with a crowd can you do that. So it's still unreasonably hard. Disguises that completely cover your face will still get enemies suspicious.
-Instinct mode. It feels like a handholding mechanic that all the pro's will avoid using it.
-One level is downrighy horrible. Attack of the Saints.

No windows XP support.


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