History Crackin is the ultimate game about fighting. It's mainly a multiplayer game, supporting up to 64 players, resulting in massive battles on massive battlegrounds. Take the role of the ultimate hero. The hero within you. The hero that travels through time and rewrites the history books, making historians ashamed because they don't know about your great fights and victories... YET! Start as a cave man, making your own weapons out of your victims' bones, then evolve through time as a mighty Roman, Greek or Egyptian conqueror, then as a honest and brave knight, then jump straight into tranches of the world wars and start unleashing hell, kill for democracy, then look.. a new exo-suit in the future lies in your personal space ship.. why don't you try it then?

History Crackin is mainly a multiplayer objective-based game. It is going to have a lot of uncommon concepts never used before in gaming. It makes the player be a ‘time-traveler’ guy that can choose between different eras/themes that have very different mechanics. The eras include: Prehistory, Ancient Era(Rome, Egypt, Greece), Medieval Era, Industrial Age, World War, Modern Era, Future Era.

When the player will start the game, he will create his own, unique character. That character will evolve trough time. Experience decides if he can evolve to a new era(unlock a new era), if the player can use a weapon, or buy something.
There will be a lot of skills for the player to master, and a lot of positions that a player could take in a battle, with different abilities.
It has over 100 carefully designed different missions, over 30 real historical battles and over 15 challenges that a player can use to improve his skills.

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