While you were battling the evil forces of D'Sparil, the other Serpent Riders were busy sowing the seeds of destruction in other dimensions. One such dimension is the decaying world where Hexen takes place. A world littered with the mangled corpses of nonbelievers and inhabited by the undead followers that executed them. Only three humans &endash; a warrior, a mage and a cleric &endash; have escaped the leaders' vicious spell. Now these brave souls have sworn to crush the evil regime that threatens to destroy the world forever. Separated upon entering the mystical portal, the three are forced to attempt on their own what they had hoped to do together: find Korax's stronghold, destroy him and restore order in the physical world.

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Aug 23rd, 2013
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Requires Doomsday engine Version v1.86 or later. LEGEND is a tribute to all the great games of the past-Blades of Vengeance, Witchaven, Hexen and Golden Axe. It is based on Hexen and exists with the idea of bringing more sword & sorcery style in classic fashion to all the fans around the world. LEGEND replaces absolutely ALL graphics in Hexen with new creative and artistic images, adding many decorations, animations and other cool effects like fatality kills and new weapons. The gameplay is also slightly different in terms of difficulty. You'd have to be a well versed Hexen warrior in the arts of sword & sorcery to lay the dark legions strewn at your feet this time...

What was originally planned as merely a small update turned out to be a major and irreplaceable part of Legend: The Glory of Battle. With that i am glad to present the extended edition of this powerful mod! It has a good number of fixes and changes to make Legend as smooth and polished as "Wrath of Magic" mod for Heretic. Not only many animations and fatalities were improved and corrected but some greater changes were implemented as well - including the new gameplay changes. Here is a full list of what's new in this must-have version:

1. New 1st weapon for Corvus
2. New 2nd weapon for Corvus
3. Return of the Centaur/Slaughtaur
4. Wraith fatality1 fixed
5. Skeleton fatalities enhanced
6. Centaur fatalities remade/enhanced
7. Minor fixes for the Incinerator
8. Hellstaff animation is corrected
9. Additional blood effects
10. Several scream effects fixed
11. Heretic Bishop for enemy appearance diversity with new fatalities
12. Dsparil Rider - tougher enemy
13. Minotaur enemy is removed
14. Some music replacements
15. New ultimate weapon for the Fighter

Previous changes:

The Characters: Four Heroes set out to free the World of Hexen in this final Crusade. With the forces of the Serpent Riders growing stronger each day, our champions might have a hard time. unless they have enabled their weapons with new properties...

Warrior's weapons have one great advantage: power. But they primarily emphasize melee fighting. Only much later in the game a weapon well-capable of long distance carnage becomes available to the Warrior.
The aggressively-ranged opposition is out for a kill and the Warrior has to think of ways to trap his enemies in ways that he will be able to unleash the might of his close combat weapons. It is also known that magical artifacts are of great help to the Warrior class....
Now in the whole history of fantasy games there never was a weapon more famous than this: the Legendary Golden Axe! And now you have your chance to wield it! Imbued with magical properties it is a vicious blade both up close and from afar.
This weapon is the only one capable of performing all three kinds of fatalities!

The Storm Crossbow
. This weapon of the Dark Gods doesn't take no for an answer. It destroys anything in it's path with just a few well-placed shots. But only when you can collect all of it's parts - you will be able to use it.

Hammer of Vengeance is a powerful weapon in the Warrior's arsenal. It kills efficiently and leaves chunks flying; yet still you are limited to a melee battles with it.

Heroic Elf from the original saga comes forth to hunt down and destroy the 2nd Serpent Rider. Corvus is a a class between the Warrior and the Cleric classes.
Corvus begins with a very strong melee weapon, but his early weapons are not as powerful as that of a Cleric in the long distance fights, and even the mighty Hellstaff although very powerful versus flesh&undead enemies, does little against armour; forcing Corvus to resort to Melee, Magic artifacts or the Incinerator - when it is available.

The Gauntlets are truly unique weapon in Legend! It is both melee AND ranged at the same time, but the real power of this weapon unveils when you succeed to combine both attacks.

Corvus uses the flaming sword as his first weapon in the Extended edition of Legend. He does so in combination with a spiked metal glove, which delivers a double strike!

Hellstaff is back from WOM2007 in the most spectacular flaming rage ever! The ultimate choice for cleaning tight rooms and corridors. Alas, while very effective against beast and bone enemies , it offers very little help against magical armor of the Dragonriders.

As our Elven Hero progresses across the world of Hexen, he finds some truly devastating weapons!

The Mage class fights his enemies exclusively from a distance using spells and magic staves. Some weapons can even prove dangerous to the Mage himself if used in close quarters. Other weapons require some tactical planning, for they do not act as straightforward as others, while the spells and other weapons of extreme power eventually become available to him as well.

This weapon is rather weak, but can cut through monsters, has unlimited range, explodes on contact for extra damage and costs no mana! But be careful not to use it in close quarters! You have been warned!

Arc of Death evolved into the Lighting Rain - Wizard can learn the spell of Lighting Rain from the tome, once you can find it. And when you do - it is your enemies who shall run for cover.

The Bloodscourge: it has been decided that this mighty weapon shall remain unchanged in action nor looks (except the better new projectiles) and just as before - must first be assembled - as 3 parts of it are scattered throughout the realms.
Once fully intact - it unleashes 3 flaming bolts that rush forward and seek their target. As far as it is known - nothing stops them.

Cleric class is the original class from Hexen. His class is preserved as it was, providing only cosmetic changes to visually enhance his arsenal to match the interest level of killing tools of other characters.

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Legend: Extended Edition
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hexenstar Sep 5 2015 says:

Hello everyone! Legend Mod creator here. Respects to TheUnbeholden for uploading the mod, but wait and see how the Farewell Edition leaves it very far behind.
Besides, the screenshots are from what looks like L6 - an extremely outdated version compared to the Extended Edition.
Anyway, my most frank recommendation is to wait a few more weeks and enjoy the vastly superior Legend FW rather than this obsolete one. There is a huge difference between the two!

Stay tuned,
regards to all Hexen fans!!

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