Heroes of Newerth pits two teams of players against each other: the Legion and the Hellbourne. Both teams are based at opposite sides of a map. The map is split into three continuous 'lanes' (Two in one of the lesser played maps), running from one base to the other. Defensive towers are positioned evenly through each lane, until the lanes terminate at a team's base. Bases are strongly defended with extra defensive towers, and buildings from which units spawn. These units, termed 'creeps' are spawned every thirty seconds, and run along their lane until they meet opposition - which they then attack. Victory is achieved when one of the teams manages to push into the base of the opposing team, and destroys their primary structure; the Hellbourne's 'Sacrificial Shrine', or the Legion's 'Tree of Life'. At any point after fifteen minutes has expired a team can choose to concede defeat - this loses them the game and requires a unanimous team vote to pass.

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Amazing game, very flexible and versatile engine, good developers but so so comunity... Still a must buy for any RPG/Strategy fan who enjoys competitivity, variety and lots lots of fun.

Too many losers in this game and you have to be at a certain level to report people. There is a negative atmosphere that exists while playing with other players online. The game is still better than Warcraft III DoTA though and has better graphics.


damn, i love this game

love s2 for their support for linux platform

really addictive game, good graphics

support is not good sometimes, but i dont care much


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STOP THE LAG and ******* about s2 get your **** together and provide 100% maximum support and up time you gronks :D


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