Heroes of a Broken Land is a classic turn-based RPG, with first person dungeon crawling with a large world to explore, plus town management. Recruit multiple teams of heroes, and explore countless dungeons in the search for fame and fortune. Each game is procedurally generated and unique for countless possible adventures.

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*Update from original review*

Folks, I was critical of the original product back in Alpha 1.0 because I wanted to see this succeed. Now that the game has been officially released I can honestly say that placing approximately 5 hours into my first campaign in a while, I stand impressed.

The game is leaps and bounds better than its original release, due to the massive expansion of content.

What you get with this purchase is a randomly generated world, complete with several dungeons (all of which are random too). The dungeons (and monster encounters) are handled in your typical OS (Old School) dungeon crawl complete with loot, secret doors (handled nicely BTW thank you so much for adding them), and devious traps. While the overworld map, is now officially MUCH more interesting.

Through the coarse of my five hour session, I managed to see elements of turn based strategy involved in the manipulation of several parties over the map. Some parties were created exclusively to fend off invading monsters on my land, while others were utilized to complete the variety of quest objectives that spawn as the game progressed.

There is an impressive amount of depth in this faithful addition to the Dungeon Crawl Genre that I highly recommend picking up. Stop reading this review, and buy the game already. At the very least, play the demo. The game is freshman friendly, while still maintaining a challenge appropriate to old school veterans like myself. Highly entertaining, highly recommended.

I picked this up as part of a bundle when it was still in BETA. If you are a CoD twitch type that seeks WETA or LucasFilms graphics, look elsewhere. This game is a love letter to the pioneering dungeon-crawlers including Dungeon Master, The Eye of the Beholder series, and one of my favorites - that I still play - SSI's excellent Dungeon Hack - in fact part of the splash art looks a lot LIKE Dungeon Hack.

But, this game provides more: city building similar to HoMM, overworld exploration, dungeons, and all the good stuff you would expect from an old school CRPG.

The worlds - or more accurately - shards are customizable as are components such as dungeon difficulty, monster toughness, world size, XP gain, rarity of magic items, etc., reminiscent of GalCiv II.

Income from building your town comes from exploring dungeons. You have to make choices as to whether you should continue exploring the dungeon you are in or getting back to town to heal and buy equipment.

The overland graphics feel more like a C64 game while the dungeons have VGA/Amiga feel. Movement is grid based and the automap of the dungeon can be accessed by pressing "M."

The maps in this game can be hilariously HUGE - which to me is a very good thing, but, having said that, if you ar in the mood for a quit romp, just choose a small shard.

As another reviewer here stated, you only get a limited amount if character re-rolls, so, as the crusader remarked in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, "choose wisely."

This game is a splendid example of of what gaming should be, namely fun. While I too love beautiful graphics, the most important component of any game for me is the gameplay itself. This wonderful title is well worth your time.

This is a great game. It follows in the tradition of the Might and Magic and Eye of the Beholder series of games, and is an excellent game if you're looking for that sort of thing.


Great little dungeon crawler. Has some city management and nice RPG mechanics.

I found the limited re-roll on new game character generation annoying. Since the game will generate some absolutely horrible stat rolls, I often just restart the game and re-roll characters until I at least get a mediocre roll. If the terrible rolls were more rare, I wouldn't bother restarting the program, but you get terrible rolls at least a third of the time, and that makes most of the re-rolls pointless as it usually just hands you another terrible roll.

Other than this terrible mechanic, the game is great fun, and the Dev is very responsive.


r4gegaming says

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This game brings that retro style back I loved games like this and its rare to find awesome stuff like this!

Its enjoyable fun and just so impressive for a unity game. This game is hard when it gets to some parts like the rat plague which is the most hardest event created rare but difficult the only bug I have saw is when my character looses more health than they should.

I like this game mostly because the gameplay is awesome but there is barely any tips In game to help to know where stuff is (but its in beta/alpha) But still if it never said beta I would have never noticed it was in beta/alpha state its that awesome!

I came across some great games in 3 days! I found hobl and it was really fun!

Thanks for making a game that brings back the awesome gameplay of 1980-1998 style games!

Thank you

You can see the love the devs have for this game. Gets better with every update.

Cross of Heroes of Might&Magic III with Eye of the Beholder.
Just brillant!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a great old school game, the dungeon crawling reminds me of old classics like Swords and Serpents, and the world map and city building elements, as well as the diversity of heroes, just makes it all come together very nicely.

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