Hearts of Oak: Conquest of the Seas is a non-commercial PC game being developed by PiratesAhoy!, and is to become the historical seafaring game to end them all! Fun, realistic gameplay on land and at sea, set during the Age of Sail, will provide extensive free play, exciting scripted storylines and intense multiplayer scenarios.

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RSS feed Report content Smoke effects from cannons

Looks really good. Much more realistic.

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Awesome job! I love your attention to detail! But I was thinking about the POTC films and in those the cannons fired very white smoke, now I don't know if that is realistic or anything but it looked good! And what I also saw was that when the cannons fired, the smoke was blasted away from the ship along with the cannonball as it were. Here the smoke kind of stays around the cannon instead of being blasted away from the cannon muzzle. I guess this situation would occur when the wind is coming from the opposite direction but would it also occur when there is no wind at all? Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have much experience with cannons (none at all actually:P). But excellent work you guys!

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man, I absolutely agree with you! now the smoke sort of "swallows" the ship´s deck but in the movies (and if it´in movies then it had to be truth!) the smoke always follows the cannonball and makes wall of smoke next to the ship rather than covering the ship itself. and explosions could be more visible...
but then again, you´ve made a great job on this!

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CaptainMurphyDUCK Author

Funny enough, I had the smoke moving about 20 feet away before expanding until I started messing with the texture models, pretty much exactly what you are describing. I recorded the video and went back to do the edit and realized I had used an older particle but still had the shadow and lighting correct so I figured it would do for now. Great eye for detail though!

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Made a few changes tot he smoke effects, now they are receiving shadows and lighting a LOT better

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