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this game is about bringing the xbox and ps3 alien shooters together for max fun.


zombieportablefreak- coder, mac port, bloodgulch textures
happytata- texture artist and possibly campain music



sword base


frozen dam
bilgarsk boullavard
MAWLR graveyard
blood gracht



energie sword
spartan laser
sniper rifle
gravity hammer
plasma gun


M82-assault rifle
STA-52 assault rifle
M4 revolver
VC9 missile launcher
STA-52 sniper rifle
STA-14 rifle
VC8 shotgun pistol
battle pistol

Game Modes


Slayer(team and free-for-all)
Infection- 4 players. one player is zombie and uses energy sword to infect other players.
capture the flag
odd-ball- grab skulls from dead players and bring them to areas to score


Warzone- HUGE list of game modes all in a 20 minute playlist
Operations- ISA and Spartans are on the offensive, completing missions against the helghast.
Guerrilla Warfare- team deathmatch with friendly fire and no guns on map.

New game modes

Assassination- one player in a free-for-all is the target. players compete for the most points on the target not scoring if they kill each other. The assassins get magnum and energy swords while the target will get to choose his loadout.

Capture and hold- Teams must find areas of the map marked on their radar and hold those positions to score.( kind of like the mode from mw2)

king of the hill- players must capture a mountain and hold it. kills are only worth points when holding the mountain. free-for-all or team.



faster aim- get three non-ADS kills without dying to activate. scope comes up 2x faster.
double xp- get a killstreak of seven to activate. kills are worth alot more experience.


FMJ bullets- get 3 kills through light cover walls to activate.
OPEN TO NEW PERK IDEAS. please send us a PM or coment on an idea for a perk.



sprint- run 2x faster
armor lock- max out armor to not take damage.
jetpack- fly temporarily.


Triage III- health slowly regenerates yours and teammates around you. also lets medical droids to protect you while reviving a downed teammate.
Revive- allows you to revive downed teammates.
sentry- throw a beacon to mark a sentry spawn. flies and kills until destroyed or you die.
turret- place a mini turret that protects an area. banned in bases in capture the flag.
mortar beacon- throw beacon to make hell on wherever it lands.

campain story/ ideas

An alien race known as kryrz are imprisoning other races to fight in his tournament. He promises the winners their freedom if they win, but they lose their planet if not. The Helghast made a deal with them and teamed up. The kryrz captured the ISA and the Spartans and made them fight. They fought for a few years but decided to end it. They have teamed up to form the fighting force of Double Universe.


- skill tree for perks
- gaining XP for kills and stunts
- XP can be traded to customize guns and atatchments for your class
- fully customizeable character and armor
- karmic choices to change your skill sets

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This week started off pretty awesome. i was making good progress in the doom and in the quake version. MP was working in Doom and i was working on Game modes in quake. I was in the middle of saving doom and compiling for quake when an evil message popped up.

" you must restart your computer. press the power button to continue"

i lost all of doom and most of quake. The PSP version will now be only quake and their will be NO PC or Mac version. Might post bot slayer done as a final PC version.



4 years ago News 2 comments

Vote on your ammo ideas. either a bar or a decal sprite showing the number depending on hw many shots.

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Double Universe Infection demo

Double Universe Infection demo

4 years ago Demo 13 comments

Heres a little demo to show my progress in infection. NO human bots because they are retarded and make it harder. cant add or remove bots yet( they come...

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DukeInstinct Jul 28 2011 says:

Do you think we are stupid and actually believe that you supposedly had all of this stuff working and DIDN'T SAVE ANY OF IT? What kind of programmer compiles and THEN saves?

If you can't even remember to save then I highly doubt you could implement multiplayer into a game.

+3 votes     reply to comment
wezley Jul 28 2011 replied:

Exactly! and I'm almost positive that he has plenty of alternative accounts to make it look like someone actually "Likes" this fail game.

+4 votes     reply to comment
wezley Jul 28 2011 says:

I ******* love how his computer just randomly shuts down while he is compiling is sources! what is that maybe the 4th time that has happened to you? * Sarcasm* It just couldnt be that your a ******* moron who can't code and keeps making promises you can fulfill * Sarcasm* and you have like 15 freaking alt accounts that "Like" this game even though no one else does

+3 votes     reply to comment
juicytoot Creator
juicytoot Jul 29 2011 replied:

my computer is old and crashes almost every hour or so. especially when multiple things are open. i tried compiling one and saving the other but it shut down

+1 vote   reply to comment
wezley Jul 29 2011 replied:

Yeah I have a mac from 1998 running os 8.1 and it stays booted up for a few hours running on the ****** internet explorer and other **** I'm pretty sure that if my 1998 **** mac can run good then yours can save a ******* file oh and the whole " I was in the middle of saving doom and compiling for quake when an evil message popped up.

" you must restart your computer. press the power button to continue""

+1 vote     reply to comment
IWANNAKILL Jul 28 2011 says:

This game should be stuck up a monkeys *** and only monkeys like bananas so....

+2 votes     reply to comment
juicytoot Creator
juicytoot Jul 28 2011 replied:

i actually hate bananas XD. i just changed my user name cause it sent the wrong message. Not NZP i liked i liked L4Q

-2 votes   reply to comment
DukeInstinct Jul 28 2011 replied:

ZPF and his amazing logic.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Sharky. Jul 28 2011 replied:

LMAO! yeah he doesn't like NZP he now likes Bananas a.k.a. L4Q? WTFAIL

+2 votes     reply to comment
juicytoot Creator
juicytoot Jul 29 2011 replied:

i dont think NZP is that great. there are no amazing engine features or anything new in it for gameplay. just quake with zombies

+1 vote   reply to comment
biodude Jul 29 2011 replied:

There is packapunch, all the sodas, all the guns, grenades, knife, etc.

And your name was zombie portable freak...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Lizardman28 Jul 29 2011 replied:

If you dont like NZP anymore than why Is your name still ZOMBIE-PORTABLE-FREAK(likes bannanas)?

+1 vote     reply to comment
IWANNAKILL Jul 28 2011 replied:

Wasn't talkin to you but O.K. xD.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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