Haunted Memories is a first person adventure horror game inspired by popular ‘slender-genre’. Don’t be afraid – artistic part of Haunt isn’t the only one thing that makes this game unique. Provided story and whole ‘GreenPark’ proves, that Haunts vision of “Slender-Man” is deeper than ever before.

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+ Atmosphere is awesome, on edge following feeling.
+ Surprisingly good graphics and smoothness while play, no lag.
+ Large playable area with lots of place to explore.

-No clear objective (would confuse some)
-Slenderman is already following you from start (died 3 minutes in while looking around car)
-Brightness of the flashlight makes it hard to read signs and reduces' visibility when against a wall.

Overall: 8.

This was a great game, staying true to the horror placing taking after Slender (Parsec). Really liked the graphics and bloom/shadowing.

Keep up the excellent work.

It was pretty cool, not as scary as the original, but pretty cool.


great game needs a bit more polish

This game is so scary and I only played for 15 min i cant to play some more. Its just a great game.

a great game scared the holy s@#t out of and i cant finsh it because im afraid of it but i will finnsh it

The game was very fun. I found it to be better that "Slender: The Eight Pages". It had more of a story. The graphics were nice. Gameplay was pretty smooth. Overall, I give it an 8/10 because it was kinda slow, but the game was still very fun.

Only complaint is that there is no option to raise mouse/controller sensitivity.


Great Graphics!

I want to give it a ten but I can't rate any higher.
Good things:

+awesome graphics
+no lag

bad things:

-slenderman is following you as soon as you play
-no objective

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