This is a lua game that has its own story to the single player... The game features a wide weapon list!... Eaven a few reach weapons ;)... Its coded in LUA so that it can be played on the psp. Its a Arcade style game that features as many things as i could pack into the engine :)

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In the past ay and a half i have gotton most of what needs to be done for a demo release...

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Hello, for the past day and a half i have been working constantly on the engine and have some new things :)

Health bar is coded and working allong with recharge is now in game the weapon list is done for the demo and character animation is finaly working and ground weapons are coded into game :)

Iv also added in a FPS counter and its running at 16 fps to 22 fps and no lag :)

FPS = frames/time

AI is coded but bots are not riged up yet and posably wont for the demo...

The demo game that will be released is just the basic code before i start doing allot more complex code such as actual game play...

Game modes (PLANED NOT CODED):

Fire fight:
Map is huge, drop ship bring in grunts and etc (would happen on screen), wide weapon range, AI, load outs

Map huge, 2 on 2 CTF (red vs blue), wide weapon range, load outs

2 Alli 1 spartain single player maps

and no for the little stuff :)

Shell ejection for weapons is in planing a little hard to add gravity and entities in... Entities are not in LUA they have to be coded in to the script...

Grenades and grunt AI are 25% in but i dont think the Grunts will be in the first Alpha probably just getting it all ready for the big things ya know :)

Also one last IMPORTANT issue to cover is the fact that i have not specified that the sprites used in the game are all not my own... I have made some stuff but the weapons and player and probably the Grunts and ellites wont be my own pictures...

Also when the version is released i would apreciate it if everyone would give feed back and when the source code is released that anyone and everyone can use it as they wish but give credit where credit is due :)

Some up comming things ;)

iv hade allot of ideas on the single player action and i think i have some ideas for mini games, puzzles, action sceens and be able to pilot a Falcon ;)

Also would this be a good idea or no ?... if i did have a mini game added in and you hade to pilot a falcon from the top down... i have te sprite made and everything just no code yet... but i would like to see the game experiance... the player would be in the Falcon controling the Turning with L and R and forwards, back , left, right with the X, O, Triangle and square... the map would be 6 images over a large area and the camera would stay fixed on the Falcon...

Peace out


the falcon mini game sounds awesome, but wouldnt it be difficult since lua has no support for sprite rotation?

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