Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's début title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

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You certainly haven't seen the last of Half-Rats. Like the crazy fool I am, I decided to take everything that was HRAFD and make it exponentially better. You want more weapons? You're getting them! You want custom code? You're getting it! You want more things to shoot? Here you are, fellow! You want MORE whiskey? I'm distilling it as we speak! You want a co-operative gameplay mode? Got that, too! Behold, this is Half-Rats: Parasomnia! Or at least what we've been working on thus far. That's right, I said "we". This time, I did the prudent thing and not only assembled a team, but actually PLANNED everything out BEFORE I began development. Though the force is not complete, (I'll get to that later) we've already got a decent amount of things accomplished.

This one is featuring custom code and 100% original content! Several monster meshes are already completed and animated, as well as textured. There will be PLENTY of monsters - that is for certain! Foxtrop has consistently been churning out quality models, bringing my concept art to life, as can be seen here:


pullduck 1Pullduck

BearthingTeddyboy2 1

Heath games has become a regular fantasy factory as of late...or rather, a nightmare factory...whatever your twisted minds prefer!

I myself, have been hard at work on 2D art and writing. Speaking of the writing, you're probably wondering just what the hell is going to be happening this go-round. Well, for starters - I must take the time to mention that the Half-Rats games are procedural, rather than episodic. There is no connection betwixt this mod and the last, save for recurring characters. Tabula rassa, my friends! This game features a completely new setting, and despite the playful looking critters above - a MUCH darker one. Consequently, the backstory is rather lengthy and involved - as you may know, the Half-Rats games are very wordy and narrative-driven games, meant to be played at a slower pace than most FPS'es. I shall try and condense it as best I can. Aw, who am I kidding....there's no condensing this...Put on your reading glasses...NOW!

"Taking place in the Autumn of 1883, This is the second installment of the Half-Rats series. Enter Eminence, a dilapidated town approximately two day's drive from Detroit – with a population less than an eighth of what it once was - where only vestiges of its past remain in street signs and faded posters, and some scant, scattered homesteads that barely entertain they ever sheltered the once-hard-working families that lived in them. The town has a turbulent past, and is home to a certain H.W. Bernard, a timber baron who ruled over the populace with an iron fist, utilizing a privatized police force to keep his employees and their families in check.

Prominence Hotel was erected as part of the "tourist quarter", which served the dual purpose of both substantiating revenue and placing a firm boundary between the out-of-towners and Bernard's employees - keeping the two from mingling was paramount in preventing word of the employee's forced internment from reaching beyond Eminence - for it was a veritable prison camp, despite what the outsiders may have perceived upon their visiting. The docks were guarded and the use of horses strictly regulated. Those who dared to escape didn't make it very far on the account of Bloodhounds, and the notoriously long reach of Henry Repeating rifles. Most wouldn't have left even if they had the chance, however; as Bernard's was the only enterprise they had to sustain themselves for many miles and the surrounding wilderness was rife with danger from Natives and wild animals - and they were paid in company tokens, rather than legal tender - further agonizing their situation. What's worse, the town professionals were in cahoots with Bernard, as on one hand; they owed their employment to his lamentable business practices, and on the other - they were just as cold as him!

Things were about to change for Bernard, however. The light of his life; his son, Caleb, groomed to be his successor, began to intimidate his increasingly paranoid father. This intimidation gave way to madness, as he felt something was amiss - his son began changing before his eyes and began showing some rather malicious tendencies towards his father, as well as adopting strange nocturnal habits. Bernard suspected his son of practicing dark arts, and one morning, he decided to take matters in his own hands, smothering his son in his sleep. Everyone believed the young man had run away, and feared he had met his end in the wilderness. The body was walled up in the Bernard Manor wine cellar shortly thereafter under cover of darkness, along with several articles of clothing and personal affects...but Bernard could not help but feel his son's influence still about him no matter where he turned. Wracked with guilt, but mostly fear, he barricaded himself in his chamber, taking his meals through a slot in the door.

It was not long before the great fire of 1881 reached Eminenc...

2015 11 07 00004

Enormous flames fueled by gales easily overcame the large stone wall surrounding the town, destroying much of the burgh itself, the manor and surrounding forest where its income was garnered. In the chaos, many rioted and made a gamble for their escape. Of those many, most died from the violence, others from fire raging elsewhere, from exposure, and from the remaining police force on their mass exodus. Of those who survived, only a few told others of the events which took place in Eminence, the stories and accounts were isolated phenomenon and were mostly regarded as rumor and hearsay by those it was repeated to, but some did indeed take the stories to heart and vowed to discourage anyone from setting foot there. The authorities took no action. Others were merely content to still be alive and vindicated by the fact that Bernard's enterprise was through and he was likely killed in the fire. As for the few remaining members of the police force and town professionals...well, most of them began new lives elsewhere or became outlaws. It is unclear what happened to the others...

Now, all that remains in Eminence are derelicts, drunkards, the insane, and the inbred. Many who have heard the stories whispered in country saloons and city pubs when the whiskey is getting thin and the hours are small, and who are aware of its supposed location steer clear of there, but many less-informed folks turn up missing when they inevitably wind up in Eminence. A newly established town a day's ride from Eminence, named Asylum, has had the misfortune of losing one of its recent visitors to Eminence after he decided to make a peregrination to search for the fabled town. This visitor was referred to by the name, "Half-Rats". He was last seen leaving Asylum with a bottle of whiskey, a revolver and a cavalry saber."

If you're still with me after that book I wrote above, congratulations, here's a shot. Now, if you can recollect; I did mention cooperative play. Oh yes, we are quite the ambitious ones. Coder Osiris has certainly a lot of work ahead of him, but I'm sure he'll be able to handle it all no problem!

The co-op missions will be large, single maps, and will feature three playable characters. The events of the co-op missions take place a little while after the events of the singe-player campaign.

Now, here's some in-editor and in-game photographs to tide you over:

2015 11 06 00005

2015 11 16 00002

2015 11 07 00002

2015 11 07 00005

2015 11 21 00001

The last one is a bit dark, I know. Have some kinks to iron out. These textures are intended for the dark, dirty and charred remains of Eminence

Well, now that was quite a hunk, huh? Well, it's time I popped the question...

No, I don't want to date you...but if you are a goldsource savvy modeller who can animate or know of one, don't hesitate to contact me as soon as you can. There are several spots yet to fill!

Current team members:

Half-Rats - Project Lead, 2D art, Writer, SFX, Mapping, Concept and Design

Osiris - Coding and design help

Foxtrop - Monster modeling and animation

Thanos - Mapping, Writing help

Positions open:

Character modeler

Prop modeler

Weapon modeler

Thank you, ModDB and good night!

Recent update for Alpha 5

Recent update for Alpha 5

1 week ago Chicken Fortress 3 0 comments

major update include bugs fix, new features and new effects...

Progress is being made YAY

Progress is being made YAY

2 weeks ago HL: Mortal Kombat : The fighting game. 0 comments

I basically tell the people what I have been doing these days.

SGM - Remod Finally Released!

SGM - Remod Finally Released!

2 weeks ago Stargate TC - SG1 Missions : Remod 0 comments

A couple of days replaying the levels over and over again with little to no crashes finally encouraged me to finally release this little thing. Hope you...

Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Out Now!

Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Out Now!

4 weeks ago Half-Rats: A Fever Dream 8 comments

Here it is! After many months of hype - the full version is out and available for download! Happy Halloween!

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RTSL Half-Rats: An Interview

RTSL Half-Rats: An Interview

11 hours ago Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Other 2 comments

Philip from Run Think Shoot Live interviewed me. Here you can get all of the insights. Visit Run Think Shoot Live today!



2 days ago CaptionMod Full Version 1 comment

This is a caption/subtitle plugin for any GoldSRC mod using VGUI2. Mainly for displaying captions/subtitles in singleplayer games.

Existence Beta 1.3 Full

Existence Beta 1.3 Full

3 days ago Existence Full Version 2 comments

I'm hard looked for this version for playing with bots: Akimbot. And finally found it! It's dont work correctly on steam version. So start hl.exe with...



3 days ago Full Version 8 comments

New creative way Xeno-J and Jocker's way is the new "hud" in "opposing-force" new weapons new "commandmeu" created by Jocker's. Xeno-J also added a map...



3 days ago CaptionMod Full Version 2 comments

This is a caption/subtitle plugin for any GoldSRC mod using VGUI2. Mainly for displaying captions/subtitles in singleplayer games.

Half-Life Alpha in GOLDSrc v. 0.3 (Steam Version)

Half-Life Alpha in GOLDSrc v. 0.3 (Steam Version)

6 days ago Half-Life Alpha in GOLDSrc Demo 1 comment

The Third with fixing and two new map [C1A3 - C1A3A]. Enjoy!!! :D

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xX(Warrior250)Xx Sep 20 2014 says:

Hey guys, i love playing the Original Half life and its expansion opposing force, im planning to get the Blue shift one... is it worth it?
Btw i use WON version as im only to storyline and mods

+1 vote     reply to comment
OsirisGodoftheDead Sep 26 2014 replied:

Yes Blue shift is very fun. Not nearly as good as Opposing Force though. IMO Opposing Force felt like a professionally made commercial game, where Blue shift felt more like a mod.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Qwertyus Sep 21 2014 replied:

It's not so epic, but still is very good.

+3 votes     reply to comment
nerdenfromsweden Aug 10 2014 says:

anyone remeber Maverick Developments standalone game using GoldSrc, cant remember the name of that game.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Dimebag_Darrell Sep 6 2014 replied:

Wanted! :D , Well , not standalone at all , but is a TOTAL CONVERSION!
and one of the best mods i ever played!

+2 votes     reply to comment
FoxyThePirateFox™ Aug 1 2014 says:

I hate "ON A RAILS" part.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Wheatley_Core Oct 8 2014 replied:

me too

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Aug 1 2014 says:

For Crypt : It dosen't work . I opened Half-Life and looked in the video section for that but I don't find it . Btw does that work for the WON version of Half-Life or the Steam one?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Jul 28 2014 says:

Does anyone know how can I disable or be able to play with the old weapon models? I hate the MP5 & Pistol model . :/

+1 vote     reply to comment
Crypt Jul 28 2014 replied:

Disable HD Models in the video options.

+1 vote     reply to comment
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