Named Game of the Year by over 50 publications, Valve's d├ębut title blends action and adventure with award-winning technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players must think to survive. Also includes an exciting multiplayer mode that allows you to play against friends and enemies around the world.

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Fight Club Mod Maps

Fight Club 1 comment

The FightClub mod has just wacked up a few map screenshots, and are looking rather fine! Expect more great maps by DerekR but in the mean time check out...

Set the Record Straight.

Extraction Half Life 0 comments

Extraction Half Life has been going through many changes as of late. The word around the campfire is that all the weapon models are complete, a map is...

Tweaking Goodness

Tour of Duty 0 comments

The Tour of Duty team has entered the final stages of beta testing, and assembling a couple more release candidates leading up to Beta 1.0 (our first...

Todesangst July 21st Update

Todesangst 2:Der Echte Feind 0 comments

Ahh. . . Summer. So many more outside distractions than during the rest of the year! But despite the allure of ball games and cookouts, the mod continues...

G.H.O.S.T. Ops - Are Making Progress!

G.H.O.S.T. Ops: The Avalon Project 0 comments

The G.H.O.S.T. Ops mods listed here at the modDB have sent in news regarding there mod making some real headway! Almost all of the are weapons done, previews...

Actual Judgement content!

Judgement 0 comments

Well I realised we look pretty dead to the casual (or not so casual) observer, so I've posted the first glimpse of our Character selection VGUI over on...

More In-Depth Details on progress!

Earth's Special Forces 1 comment

Here is a link to the Earths Special Forces Forums where one of the team members; Zero post about how far they are and general info on the progress of...

WIP :: Instructor Sergeant

Mobile Infantry 3 comments

The French team, currently doing a fantastic job bringing StarShip Troopers to Halflife have just completed their new Instructor Sergeant (which some...

BG trailer released

Battle Grounds 1 comment

IT IS OUT The first Battlegrounds trailer is finally finished after hours of demo recording in halflife and exporting frame for frame as bmp i am very...

Forums are back!

Gladiator 4 comments

Hail Gladiators, Well, I've almost finished up installing and configuring and the forums, these are actually temporary since they use flat files (we are...

Move In! with new Site

Move In 4 comments

The Move In! Half-Life Mod has a new homepage. Not only that but we have wacked up a new design, new code and also put a lot more NEW content on the site... Sits Down With MonkeyStrike

Monkeystrike 3 comments

If you live under a big rock than this will be news to you! The Mod Expo has come and gone. The mods that were selected were: Sven-Coop HL Rally Buzzy...

New Video From HLRally!

HL Rally 0 comments

The HLRally Team has released a preview video which was originally created for display at the Valve Mod Expo during last weeks CPL Event. The video requires...

Playtest Pics

GargArena 0 comments

I've uploaded some pictures of our latest playtest. Go to the GargArena section to view them. They show our working flamethrower in action, the HUD and...

Tour of Duty begins testing final Release Candidate

Tour of Duty 1 comment

The Tour of Duty team and beta testers have begun testing the final release candidate for the mod and if all goes well we will build the public release...

RIGGED Theme Song Released

RIGGED 0 comments

I would like to thank Just3D and J Squared Productions for composing and creating the official RIGGED theme song. If you would like to hear the song that...

S&I Beta 0.98a Released!

Science And Industry 2 comments

Yes, you read correctly, the "Sex" release of Science And Industry 0.98a is here and available to you, just goto this thread: Read the instructions by...

ORF MP - First Exclusives

Operation: Red Falcon 5 comments

The Operation: Red Falcon - Team is proud to be able to release the very first screenshots of ORF Multiplayer to the public. More than twenty media files...

Our new improved flashlight

Judgement 0 comments

It's long been a part of the way that we develop Judgement that if something looks wrong in the way HL does something, then we try to replace it. Our...

Tour of Duty Preview

Tour of Duty 6 comments

MasterChopChop has a preview of Tour of Duty up over on ActionRealm, it comes with 26 images and covers the main points of the modification. Dont forget...

Exclusive RIGGED Eye Candy

RIGGED 2 comments

Since my mod lacks ingame screenshots in this stage of development I cooked up 3 screenshots to show the pre-beta stage. Preview 1, Preview 2, Preview 3

Shadow Theory

Shadow Theory 0 comments

Phish from the Shadow Theory mod for HL is in need of help! Texture Artist with talent and time and dedicated. Must be very proficient with whatever tool...

Colouring Contest Results In

Destiny 1 comment

We are terribly sorry for the winner results of our colouring contest getting delayed in such a manner, but we have been working day and night on the...

modDB Takes some time out with the BuzzyBot father!

BuzzyBots 0 comments

Part Two of our Halflife Mod Expo feature has just been posted. Now to reiterate what was said in the first part: "If you live under a big rock than this...

Nigel Danger Site Section Up

The Secret Adventures of Nigel Danger 0 comments

The mock Notorious Industries site for The Secret Adventures of Nigel Danger is now officially up. You can head over to site and click on the Notorious...

EHL is grateful!

Extraction Half Life 1 comment

Allow me to speak on behalf of my entire mod squad when I say, thank you Intense for the comment you posted on our mod profile page. If it was not for...

Nigel Danger Media Section Up!

The Secret Adventures of Nigel Danger 0 comments

The Secret Adventures of Nigel Danger site (or at least half of the site :) finally has the media section up! You can now go see screenshots of all the...

S&I 0.98 Beta 2 Released

Science And Industry 2 comments

Well here it is folks, Science and Industry 0.98Beta 2, even better than the first beta. More info at the official Science and Industry forums! Enjoy :)

Tour of Duty Review

Tour of Duty 1 comment

With the much anticipated Tour of Duty mod pretty much complete, one of the many mod lovers at the modDB HuRR, was able to snatch up the chance, to test...

BG 0.7.4 out

Battle Grounds 3 comments

thats right bg0.7.4 was released some days ago beta teters head on to the beta testers forums and grab it its rather a big release this time as we have...