Pick up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people, people he cares about, are counting on him.

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Jun 16th, 2012 2 people agree 41 people don't

i hate valve

ice_trey says
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Oct 15th, 2010 2 people agree 59 people don't

HL2 was pretty lackluster. Lots of bugs & over hype by Valve of stuff that wasn't included. IMHO they should of stayed with the HL1 story & not gone "deep" or "cinematic". Just kept it an action game with a good plot & lots of interactivity (HL2 had no interactivity except physics: you never opened a door, flipped a switch, etc.) -- The Happy Friars comment and i agree 110 pcg, HL2 was merely a hype and all the kiddies that never played a pc game ebfore HL2 is/was ecstatic, im not, my 1 of 10 stands.

MasterBandit says
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Dec 22nd, 2010 8 people agree 76 people don't


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Jul 18th, 2014

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Mar 10th, 2014

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Jan 18th, 2014

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Sep 27th, 2013

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Sep 24th, 2013

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Jul 28th, 2013

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Jun 22nd, 2013

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