We're now available on STEAM as well as DESURA! Guncraft is a voxel first person shooter that boasts fully destructible environments, the ability to construct individual blocks or full structures in a single click, tons of killstreak rewards such as helicopters, jetpacks, bunker buster missiles, drones, and turrets, and a fully featured map creation tool that also features a Minecraft map importing function (using the Substrate XNA engine). Play traditional modes like Deathmatch and CTF, or never before seen modes like Lava Survival and Siege Mode. On top of that, there are standalone servers, peer hosted servers, eventual clan support and friends lists, in and out of game chat, leaderboards, and much, much more. Guncraft is the fully featured voxel-FPS you've been waiting for. Don't believe us? Play for yourself, free, in our open beta!

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The thing that makes this game great is that it launched with some very high quality maps. The different modes and vehicles make it great. The only CON i have really seen is that my ping/laggyness is all over the place

Great gameplay and mechanics but online simply does not work for me at this time, 7/10 until multiplayer is fixed.

It is very nice to know custom controls will be added(probably a while from now) but still is annoying to know that there is no use for me to even play it with out it.. 7/10 for being a bit above average heh..


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