We're now available on STEAM as well as DESURA! Guncraft is a voxel first person shooter that boasts fully destructible environments, the ability to construct individual blocks or full structures in a single click, tons of killstreak rewards such as helicopters, jetpacks, bunker buster missiles, drones, and turrets, and a fully featured map creation tool that also features a Minecraft map importing function (using the Substrate XNA engine). Play traditional modes like Deathmatch and CTF, or never before seen modes like Lava Survival and Siege Mode. On top of that, there are standalone servers, peer hosted servers, eventual clan support and friends lists, in and out of game chat, leaderboards, and much, much more. Guncraft is the fully featured voxel-FPS you've been waiting for. Don't believe us? Play for yourself, free, in our open beta!

RSS feed stinkytaco says
1 stinkytaco

Aug 10th, 2013 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

This game is a rip off...


Only people with STEAM keys can play the game... DO NOT BUY ON DESURA!

John is a total F$%^ing rip-off!

SpooderW says
1 SpooderW

May 15th, 2013 4 people agree 5 people don't

Boring, barely playable piece of garbage. Annoying developers who have no idea what they're doing. Feels like a minecraft mod. Shouldn't even be on Desura.

TheHeadbandHero says
1 TheHeadbandHero

Dec 15th, 2012 1 person agrees 3 people don't

A rather lacking expierence; little to no sound, clunky gameplay, very little people playing it, and the overall gameplay is simply boring. I had more fun sabotaging the spawn points then actually shooting at the enemy.

FB242 says
1 FB242

May 21st, 2013 1 person agrees 4 people don't

These people took minecraft and COD, put them both into a blender, added a large amount of fecal matter, blended it together, and called it a wrap. These people appeal to the lowest common denominator of consumers, targeting the mindless 11 year old that loves minecraft, Cod, and has his parents credit card...

KandJgameing says
1 KandJgameing

Dec 9th, 2012 1 person agrees 4 people don't


Freemann098 says
1 Freemann098

May 6th, 2013 1 person agrees 5 people don't

A ****** version of Ace of Spades

_poe_ says
1 _poe_

May 15th, 2013 4 people agree 6 people don't

Devs don't know how to handle themselves, real *****

corrupted_core says
1 corrupted_core

Sep 22nd, 2013

No review provided

assa46 says
1 assa46

Aug 20th, 2013

No review provided

hywel777 says
1 hywel777

Jun 3rd, 2013

No review provided

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