Ground Control II is a real-time tactics game set in a gritty science-fiction universe. The explosively fast game play focusing on combat tactics with full use of the 3D battlefield, with weather and other environmental effects affecting the unit's performance on the battleground. In the war torn year of 2741, Captain Jacob Angelus of the Northern Star Alliance (NSA) becomes the central figure in the fight against the warmongering Terran Empire. In an attempt to crush the NSA permanently, the Terran Empire sends in an alien race of powerful warriors - the Virons. It soon becomes apparent that the situation is bleak for the NSA and that their only hope is to embark on an Exodus to another part of the galaxy. Jacob Angelus must find a way to let his people survive.

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Ground Control II is a real-time tactics game set in a gritty science-fiction universe. The explosively fast game play focusing on combat tactics with full use of the 3D battlefield, with weather and other environmental effects affecting the unit's performance...
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Reversal Mod 3 Repack

Reversal Mod 3 Repack

1 year ago GC2 Reversal Mod Full Version 10 comments

A complete balance and faction mod for Ground Control 2. Allows you to play as Terrans in the campaign, skirmish or multiplayer modes. It also includes...

Ground Control 2 SDK

Ground Control 2 SDK

1 year ago SDK 0 comments

Massive's official SDK (Software Development Kit) for Ground Control 2. Since the game is ten years old and finding the SDK is getting harder, I figured...

GC2 Custom Map Pack

GC2 Custom Map Pack

2 years ago GC2 Reversal Mod Multiplayer Map 1 comment

A collection of 30 community made skirmish maps and one single player mission for Ground Control II. These do not require the Reversal mod to function...

Ground Control 1 resolution changer

Ground Control 1 resolution changer

2 years ago Graphics Tool 13 comments

Using this patch you can run Ground Control 1 at any resolution.

Reversal Mod 2.0

Reversal Mod 2.0

3 years ago GC2 Reversal Mod Full Version 5 comments

Update: Version 3 is now out! If you came directly to this page and haven't tried the new version yet, scroll up and click on the Downloads page for the...

Terran Empire Mod Pack (Versions 1.2 + 1.3)

9 years ago Terran Empire Full Version 15 comments

This mod actually allows u to play as the terrans, by replacing an existing race with them. U gett to choose whether u want to replace the NSA with the...

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jak1 Jan 27 2008 says:

This game is the best.

However, when i play (00.8 patch) sometimes when i command my units to go somewhere that is not in the range of the page (i have to move the screen to see the place i want to go and the units i want to move are not on screen) the units will walk a few steps towards the objective i told them to get to and then stop. I don't know why but it is very annoying. DOes any1 else have the same problem?

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Bluedrake42 Nov 14 2005 says:

When I first began playing Ground Control 2 I found that its wonderful graphics and superb models enraptured me. But as I began combat in the game I realized a few things I wished to be changed, so now I am looking for a mod that might change this for me.

My infantry, though heavily aromoured, I believe to have much more health than they should have. A squad of mine entered combat against a platoon of tanks and I found that each soldier can withstand many tank rounds strait to the chest and hundreds of bullits that he was riddled with by opposing infantry. This made combat a very tedious factor in the game, as I waited for my my soldiers' hitpoints slowly decrease I actually got up and heated up myself a frozen pizza. This greatly lessened my enjoyment of the game.

Also on a much smaller note I found that the bullit trails that shot from my infantrys' weapons were quite colorful and brilliant but they were not very fitting in this type of game from my perspective.

I would like to know if there are mods that can modify these few details or if there is some other way I can change them.

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sebhaque Jul 24 2005 says:

When I first saw GC1 on sale, I was immediately captivated by it's beauty. Now, four years later, the next official Ground Control has come out. I thought that there was nothing left to improve. How wrong I could be.....
GRAPHICS - 10/10
With a new 9800 Pro, the graphics on this game look wonderful. An airborne firefight rages over the sun-lit ocean and it is all visible as reflections of the water. A few stray shots go flying into nothing - even these can be seen. As always, the camera can go from a large space-covering to a ridiculously small area. At the largest range possible, you can get a good view of the field and watch as the amazing graphics suck you into the game, as if you were actually watching from over it. At the most zoomed-in point of the camera, you can easily see your infantry's scarred faces, and the expressions of pain as an enemy tank pounds shells into the poor guy's body. When his body reaches the end of it's tolerance, you can see (very graphically) as he is ripped apart with the force of the shells, the blood spewing from the ripped veins and arteries. Of course, if your machine can't handle this, there is always the option of turning the graphical detail down. 10 out of 10 for this category.
GAMEPLAY - 10/10
This game will keep you hooked for weeks on end. After the gigantic single-player, there are lots of little skirmishes to be played with the computer, on different difficulty and strategy levels. Play against an easy, infantry-loving CPU, or play against a battle-scarred, veteran aircraft commander. The choice is yours, with many in-between men to choose from. The game itself is wonderful. Units counter each other well - the airborne units are the hardest-to-hit units, but they have horrendously weak weapons. The tanks, the main units in the game, go against everything else well but can be countered with other tanks. Infantry are the hardest to hit and the stealthiest by default, but they are weak and slow. While battles rage, you can see how each unit selects the target it will be most effective against and pounds the living daylights out of it. 10 out of 10 for this again.
The sound effects are wonderful. You can hear the screams of infantry as they are ripped to shreds, you can hear the crashes of shells as they pound whatever they can find, the whizzes and zooms of bullets as they fly past the camera, everything. Rich in quality and plentiful in number, they are pleasing to the ear.
Music is also excellent. As the intensity of battle changes, as does the music. While you are peacefully building up your army, there is a quiet kind of music around. However, when you send this large army into a big battle, the sound changes faster than you can say "Chaos." The music itself is wonderful. High quality, well though-out music is always available, and when the sadder sections of the game comes, there is moving music to go too. It almost made me cry. 10 out of 10 for this.
As stated above, the enemy will always try to outsmart you, no matter what difficulty you choose. If you prefer infantry, the enemy will use tanks to counter you. If you prefer aircraft, the enemy will go for infantry, the hardest-to-hit and the only things that can target infantry. Excellently thought-out and well-done. 10 out of 10.
This game can be played for hours on end, and over several months. The skirmishes can be played over and over, and the missions themselves never seem to lose enjoyability.
OVERALL - 10/10
This game is a definite must-buy. If you haven't got it, you should seriously consider getting it. It will definitely be worth it's price, I can tell you. Good luck and happy gaming.

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Disco Jun 28 2005 says:

I played and finished GC1, 2 and I recently got the Dark conspiracy expansion (which was very hard to find I may ad). I loved both 1 and 2 so I don't know what you lot are on about. Most reviews of GC2 I've read have been pretty much the same "oh the camera is hard to control" "Oh there's no building or resource management" "Oh it's not like starcraft". I had very little trouble with the camera in both games, although it got annoying how the camera was at a fixed height above ground level, meaning that it kept changing as the camera moved over hills. This became even more annoying when the camera moved over gullies and sharp cliffs. Despite this, I had no trouble with the game, troop management was a breeze and the strategy of the game was deep and involving. The engine worked flawlessly for me and considering the level of detail in everything, it loaded faster than most games I've played. It did feel like they tried harder to make the game appeal to the average strategy player (planes stood still, camera could be used like a standard RTS camera) but it was still a great new gaming experience. So, take your buildings and resource managements and shove them up your ***, games need to try new things so stop living in the past.

+5 votes     reply to comment
Haladar Dec 24 2004 says:

Yes, every feature about this game seems to be halfway between what it was in GC1 and Starcraft. It's creepy, it's like they tried to mix GC's unique gameplay to that of more traditional RTS's. Well, needless to say, the game suffered for it.

It's still a good game that retains a reasonable amount of GC1's depth, but the interface in particular, people are right about having to fight it every step of the way.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Ikarus Sep 30 2004 says:

They could have done smth more about the multiplayer in GC2. Maybe smth like in HOmeworld 2 - limit for any given type of units. As it is now, the game requires 1-2 patches and a big expansion set to be at the level of the first game. Anyway it is a game worth buying.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Avatar_of_Ammun_re Sep 24 2004 says:

RPG? You're joking...It's a RTS game, not rpg. Or rtt, Real TimeTactical if you insist.

As fo the camera, i'd recommend you use the middle/3rd mouse button to rotate the camera, wheel to zoom, wasd keys to control movement and it becomes very fluid. you don't even need to move your cursor to the edges of the screen.

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EvilFish Aug 7 2004 says:

I feel as though it's very difficult to organize my troops properly, and the interface is a bit clumsy. I much prefer fixed camera RTSs where I can move about efficiently and don't constantly have to be worried about unintuitive controls and organization hotkeys. 6/10

+1 vote     reply to comment
UberSoldat Aug 7 2004 says:

I got Ground Control 2, and I was only able to play like 5 minutes of it since my Graphics Card has been fluctuating errors and freezing the computer. :(

+2 votes     reply to comment
Tei Aug 7 2004 says:

Ground Control 1 its a good strategy title. Its a recommend download (full for free at fileplanet). I have buy Ground Control 2 its somewhat disapointing, because its too fast and the missions dont care. Why capture zones? its too much "Z - Soldiers" and 0% ground control, and you have to fight the camera ALL THE GAME!!!.. this is odd for some reason, I remenber Good and Evil game with a strange camera, but you learn fast, with GC2 the camera is bad forever. :(

I expect mods for this game ( I own original ) fix these problems, so the game return to strategy fun, and avoid mindless deathmachs.

X-Com 1/2 (destructible buildings) -> Ufo Aftermach :(

Ground Control 1 (destructive buildings) -> Ground Control 2 :(

+2 votes     reply to comment
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