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After being set up and left for dead, you awaken bleeding in a ditch beneath the wreckage of your car. With no recollection of the preceding events you stare deeply into the wilderness stretching before you. The only thing between you and civilization is an ancient structure resting in the heart of the woods. Navigate your way through this abysmal place and into the black city of Prosperity, a city where god has no name and the light has been long forgotten...

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First in a series of news articles written specifically for Indie DB when relevant news pertaining to Grave Prosperity Exists. This article details the recent release of Part 1 of Volume 1, speaks about the past development of the game, the present, and gives a first glance about Part 2 and it's up coming free release.

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It's been a mere 3 days since Grave Prosperity Vol 1 Part 1 launched to the 'masses'. Nearing a combined 70 downloads between all the hosted sites, we at LDC Studios couldn't be happier (well millions would be nice). But the feedback has started to come in, and it's all good so far.
Comments such as;

"Good sir, I tip every cap I own to you."
Member -

"This is amazing! ;8
The voice acting is really great, too!~
Member -

"This game is awesome man, I really enjoy playing it. I recommend this game to everyone"
Member - IndieDB

"I'd pay for a full release"
Fan Interest Survey Main Website - Reddit User

"Ooooh, I just noticed this has native gamepad support"
Member - Penny Arcade Forums

Even as this is being written (today) emails continue to come in from the fan interest survey on the games main website, players are enjoying their experience in the game. We also have had 4 total downloads of the Media/Press Kit, so with this inspiration is flowing and work gladly continues on Part 2.

Release Trailer

Past of Grave Prosperity

Before we talk about the recent release and our upcoming release we would like to speak briefly about the back story of Grave Prosperity and what has brought it to where it is today.
The game itself has gone through so many changes in size and quality that some of the changes became permanent. Like the way Volume 1 in its entirety is portioned out into 4 separate parts. The initial reasoning behind this was because the game would have been well over a few gigabytes the way it was first being designed. Of course since then the game is now much smaller and each part resides comfortably in the 200-400mb region, but long past being able to combine into one game.
Overall, in the project's current form LDC Studios can comfortably say that we are 100% pleased with the way it has turned out. All the characters will have their own back stories and they will all have an important role to play in later parts of the game. Everything you encounter in the game will be explainable through documents and character interaction (and we promise it won't turn out to be some sort of virus or infection).
Over these past 2 years Grave Prosperity has taken on many forms but now that it has finally hit home in its current form it won't be changing again until Volume 2.
For more insight into the past of Grave Prosperity you may read that post on our developers blog on our official website.

Future of Grave Prosperity - Vol 1 Part 2

Volume 1 represents the free release introduction of the series to the fans. Part 1 is but a small glimpse into the overall story that will be Volume 1, and Part 2 has much more in store for the player as far as story, action, and suspense, but most of all horror. As much as we tell, there is always some left back, and players likely won't know the full story until the end of Part 3, but the clever ones just might catch on.
Parts 2-4 should be increasingly more fun for the player compared to previous versions because of their added features and evolving story telling. There will be interactive cinematic action where the player will be forced to button mash just to maintain the character's sanity, optional stealth mini games and interrogations. GP still has a nice pocket full of surprises waiting for each of its future releases.
For more insight into the past of Grave Prosperity you may read that post on our developers blog on our official website.


LDC Studios is essentially a team of one, Justabox (Larry C). However a game such as this needed much outside help from indie forums, guides, and our publisher as well. We hope that these free release games of Volume 1 will work well to show fans, and other developers of LDC Studios serious intent to make a permanent place on the video game development scene. With the completion of Volume 1 LDC Studios will be looking into recruiting a team to move onto a new engine, and new designs for Volume 2 of Grave Prosperity. So for now we hope you enjoy our current releases, as well as the slew of surprises we have planned along the way.
Thanks for reading!

/LDC Studios

P.S. Thank you Indie DB from LDC Studios, and Bon Ink Creations, your site and services are top notch in our books.

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