Orcs have enslaved the human race. You are one of the fortunate, still free to roam Myrtana. Liberty affords you the option to stay true to the throne of the deposed human king, serve the orcish usurpers, or carve your own mysterious path. Every decision made will have an impact on the fate of humanity and the balance of power. The choice is yours, but the struggle is one for all living in the shadow of the orcs. Whatever you choose, your legacy begins today.

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Oct 18th, 2010

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Oct 10th, 2010

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Sep 30th, 2010

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9 Cremat0r

May 21st, 2010

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Feb 26th, 2010

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Jan 2nd, 2010

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Nov 17th, 2009

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Nov 6th, 2009

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Oct 17th, 2009

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Oct 4th, 2009

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