Gnomoria is a sandbox village management game where you help lead a small group of gnomes, who have set out on their own, to thrive into a bustling kingdom! Anything you see can be broken down and rebuilt elsewhere. Craft items, build structures, set traps and dig deep underground in search of precious resources to help your gnomes survive the harsh lands. Build your kingdom and stockpile wealth to attract wandering gnomads to your cause, but be wary of also attracting enemies!

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Mar 3rd, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

I never ever give a game the highest OR lowest grade to begin with. Especially when it's not even released. That being said Gnomoria has a fantastic potential. Riding on the Dwarf Fortress train it presents it self very well. Nice graphics. Nice sound and a good start when it comes to building your own "Gnometopia".
I will keep my eye on this one for a long time to come. Even the demo kept me going many hours. So keep up the good work and here's hoping this will take up the torch from DF (a great game too but oh so hard to get into). Thank you for the effort! :-D

Deano2k13 says
6 Deano2k13

Nov 19th, 2012 0 people agree 1 person doesn't

its a very fun game and i know its only in the making so all the bugs aren't going to be fixed but there are just so many it came t the point that i cant play anymore with lag from some unknown bug :(

J_Darnley says
6 J_Darnley

Nov 28th, 2013

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VNahsty says
6 VNahsty

Mar 5th, 2013

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synthclair says
6 synthclair

Feb 26th, 2013

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Nik00 says
6 Nik00

Jul 27th, 2012

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FutureProject says
6 FutureProject

Jun 30th, 2012

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steinikj says
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Jun 21st, 2012

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