Galaxial is a real time 4X (explore, expand, exploit and exterminate) strategy game set in space. The player is given control of their own empire in the distant future, and are free to play the way they like using diplomatic, economic or military means of achieving their goals in a sandbox galaxy.

  • Huge procedural galaxies containing hundreds of planets
  • Seamlessly zoom in and out. From looking at a single ship to viewing your entire empire spread across the galaxy
  • Fight epic battles featuring hundreds of ships on screen at once in pausable real-time
  • Stylized vector graphics
  • Assign ships to squadrons and task forces, allowing them to fly in formation and work together to deal with threats
  • Take manual control of any of your own ships, bringing an RPG aspect to the game

  • Colonize new planets with each type of world having unique strategic bonuses
  • Explore the galaxy to discover valuable planets and asteroid resources
  • Mine resources from asteroids surrounding planets to build planetary facilities and new spaceships
  • Manage your colonies, increasing their population, providing them with a food supply and balancing their economy

  • Computer controlled AI players each with their own traits, characteristics and competitiveness
  • Numerous playable factions each with their own unique traits
  • Dynamic relations and diplomacy system to form alliances or declare war with other factions
  • Trade luxury resources to gain special bonuses and to help your economy
  • Protect your empire from enemy factions and raiding pirates
  • Assign leader characters to command your fleet and level up their traits and abilities

  • Ship designer, including some default designs to get you started
  • Hundreds of individual ship modules including various weapon types, electronic warfare, shield/armor repair and propulsion upgrades to specialize each ship design and enhance their abilities
  • Research new technology to unlock new ship hulls, modules and empire wide bonuses
  • Customizable ship, engine trail and turret colors to make your own ships look unique
  • Full modding support for user made graphics, ships, weapons, items, factions, colonies and research
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Hi, sorry for the silence. The workload has been tough... but I have been quietly working hard on Galaxial over the past year. The project is still very much alive, and I have never come close to giving up on it! is just ambitious for one developer, and is taking much longer than I thought it would. :?

Here is a video of me playing around with the galaxy generator settings, as well as some other gameplay.

(Click to enlarge images)

Colony interface screen for building facilities. Currently in the game there are:

  • Deep Space Tracking Station - for increased view range into adjacent starlanes
  • Entertainment Centre - for increasing population happiness
  • Financial Centre - for increasing credits income
  • Fleet Academy - for training crew for ships
  • Hydroponics - for planets lacking food production
  • Military Academy - for training troops for planetary invasions
  • Planetary Defence Centre - for increasing defence at planets
  • Refinery - for processing mined metals
  • Research Laboratory - for generating research data to spend on advanced items and projects
  • Shipyard - for building new ships

Empire influence blobs show the controlled territory for each faction on the galaxy map. I'm quite pleased with how these look now.

I made a number of loading screen and menu themes. I couldn't decide which one to use, so one is picked at random each time the game is run. It is also very simple to add your own.


Galaxial: Galaxy Creator and New Ships

Galaxial: Galaxy Creator and New Ships

News 3 comments

Latest development log showing the galaxy creator interface and some new ship designs.

Galaxial: Mining

Galaxial: Mining

News 6 comments

Development log explaining the changes to mining and some other recent progress.

Galaxial: Research

Galaxial: Research

News 8 comments

Development log showing the research system and some other recent progress.

Galaxial: Sound Effects and Projectiles Video

Galaxial: Sound Effects and Projectiles Video

News 13 comments

New Galaxial development log with a video showing some audio and projectile weapon stress testing.

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INDIE OF THE YEAR WOOOO! or at least top 100.

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will there be like epic battleships something like a superstardestroyer etc.

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Looks awesome. Keep it UP!!!

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Nice looking stuff here.
Was this inspired by Captain Forever, because it looks kinda like it.
Also, is this to be free upon release?

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StuartMorgan Creator

No it wasnt inspired by Captain Forever, I havnt seen it before.
The game wont be free.

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Please forgive my lack of insight to this game, I just wanted to ask how are new Planets colonised? Do you have toresearch technologies to be able to colonise different types of Planets and when you colonise a planet, are we able to see the isual effects on the planet, are structures built etc?

Exaple: I colonise a planet and a small square structure appears to signify the base, maybe its has auto defences which fire at incoming targets. Then another of my ships comes to the Planet dismantles itself and turns into a large rectangle which signifies the colony and the population count begins to grow. Peraps an enemy ship omes along and blows up the rectangle (colony) so my base has no people to repair the damage sustained to the square (base), until another ship arrives to reform the colony? etc

Would the above ever be an idea?

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StuartMorgan Creator

Coloniser ships are used to colonise an empty planet which creates the initial structure. Then up to 6 specialised facilities can be built at each colony, depending on what you want to use the planet for. They can be destroyed from orbit by enemy ships and a new colony built in its place.

All the colony upgrades and facilities have unique graphics so you can see exactly what is built there.

I havnt started the research system yet, but its likely there will be lots of useful technologies related to colonies that I'll add.

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Well thank you very much for the expedient reply ! :) I look forward to more video's etc and eagerly await the release.

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This game looks incredible, you have managed to achieve several aspects of space games like SoaSE wich I really love like being able to control individual ships, weapons upgrades and the feracious battles, all in one, perfect!

Another strong point is the smoothness, wich is very appreciable in the videos, you have managed to have over hundreds of ships at once on the screen with absolutely no lag! thats a super high five! This made me drop my jaw at some points where you zoom in and out constantly, open popups and do all of this extremely quicly while everything on the screen is blowing up!

One bad point I guess is the AI, I noticed it isnt quite smart yet, you are the dev of course, but you where able to fool its target-lock very easily, this is something you should remove on the release, if players notice this (and they will!) they can have a severe advantage while playing.

So, great work Stuart, I am watching you! ;)

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I just caught the most recent update off the front page, and I instantly fell in love with the concept, as I huge fan of old style strategy games I can't wait for this to come out. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I wish you luck and I can't wait.

*Shameless testing plug* You probably have gotten a lot of these, but if you do need a tester, I have a lot of time to devote to games and I have almost five years experience testing games, so I know what I'm doing. *end shameless plug*

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