Get fuelled up and prepare to race and explore a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by global warming, with players experiencing varying weather effects such as tornadoes and sandstorms, as well as a full day-night cycle. The game-world is over 5,560 mi² (14,400 km²) in size and completely free to roam both offline and online with up to 16 players. In FUEL, if you can see it, you can drive to it.

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9 Vetron

Sep 12th, 2010 1 person agrees 0 people don't

FUEL is a good game that can provide hundreds of hours of gameplay, however in some places the game feels unfinished or not very well polished.

Despite its problems, its still one of the best free roaming based driving games available and I'd highly recommended it.

TheGamingTornado says
9 TheGamingTornado

Feb 16th, 2014

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Next_Gen_1987 says
9 Next_Gen_1987

Jul 25th, 2012

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johny.3 says
9 johny.3

Nov 6th, 2011

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Krnt says
9 Krnt

Sep 14th, 2011

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hellodave says
9 hellodave

May 19th, 2011

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Yippeeeee says
9 Yippeeeee

Oct 20th, 2010

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-TehBlaze says
9 -TehBlaze

Sep 26th, 2010

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jovian95 says
9 jovian95

Sep 16th, 2010

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Bolognius_Maximus says
9 Bolognius_Maximus

Sep 14th, 2010

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