A simple yet ambitious plan, to terraform planet Diversitas. About 1.25 trillion dollars were invested into this project, ships were built, colonizers were trained, scientists were hired; And it all failed. On the second year following the route to Diversitas, one of the main nuclear engines of the mother ship "Infinitum" exploded, as far as you know you are the only survivor. Alone in space, no communication, no people.

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Cant start the game since today (15.01) (Games : Diversitas : Forum : bugs that affect gameplay : Cant start the game since today (15.01)) Locked
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Jan 15 2013 Anchor

Hi, i don`t know if it`s only me or affecting everyone but i am unable to start the game today (tried reinstalling so far to no avail). Desura returns the following error (verifying files doesn`t help neither):

Failed to launch item Frozen Nightmare, File is not valid exe[path to the file fro.exe].[61.0]

Can you assist, no pressure though? :)

Ah, nvm; I can still start it from the installed folder.

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Jan 19 2013 Anchor

I had this followed your advie thanks

Jan 19 2013 Anchor

Cool i could be of help. If anyone would need this, you can check where is the game installed by going into your game library (Play area in Desura), right click on the Frozen Nightmare and select the properties. The instalation path is shown there ("Exe location").

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Jan 19 2013 Anchor

thanks pysiu for helping out the community!

Jan 23 2013 Anchor

Will this be fixed so we can run it through Desura? xD

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