Experience a vast, open-ended universe filled with an infinite number of adventures. You are the freelancer Edison Trent, an intergalactic jack-of-all-trades. Your mission: whatever you want. Become a smuggler or a ruthless space thug, a naval hero or a trader. Dodge through asteroid fields while piloting elite spacecraft. The action is endless as you make your way through 48 known star systems. Greed, morality, compassion, anger... whatever motivates you, the dynamic universe will respond.

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no single player

Just perfect scifi space simulation.. Guess many are still expecting another sequel to come out, though maybe highly unlikely

Freelancer is an older gem from Microsoft's golden years. I love the story to death and there's always something to find when replaying the single player. Even though the online servers don't exist anymore, multiplayer is still going strong with RP and PvP servers and the fun never ends. Definitely the best space sim I've ever had the pleasure of playing.

I think Freelancer is the best Space-Game Simulation EVER. This game has supplied me with endless hours of fun over my childhood. This game has great sentimental to me.

It simply is another universe I'd prefer to live in.

the best Space sim going even if its 10 years old its better than any other would stop playing it for the world <3 !!

I love this game


One of the best storyline ever made for a space game. Loved it wish it had a Freelancer 2.


almost 10 years now and still no multiplayer game is good enough to kick freelancer's ***. contenders have failed, fl mods and community keep the game fresh.

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