This is a single player experience for all terminator fans using the unreal engine III by Epic Games. set in the year 2029 you are placed in the boots a of soldier serving for humankind against the ruthless army of machines. The final campaign will feature nine chapters of a roller coaster ride, inspired by James Cameron's masterpiece franchise.

Confront the many killing machines at skynet's disposal including the HK aerial, the HK tank, the mini HK, and the legendary T800 with an arsenal of futuristic plasma weapons.

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A beta build version for the Fps Terminator Level "StormFleet" will hopefully be available to download before the end of this year. Plus, a new strategy for the project has been made.

Posted by Narlyteeth on Oct 24th, 2009

Hello Moddb. First off, I would like thank this community for the support and feedback on the project. I'm surly no professional at creating mods, and not much of a team is present. but thanks to the constant constructive feedback, I was motivated to push the project further and further. this includes re-doing models several times, such as the weapon scope and the t800. before I heard of this site, I would post my progress only on the official epicgames forums but this community seems to be far more interested, and supportive.

I also have to give much credit to Xalener for making (IMO) very good, hollywood quality sound effects and music that delivers more than half of the entire experience. He's Inspired me much with his work. he's currently working on voice acting for the resistance soldiers, more music, and sounds for the HKTanks, and berserkinators(very Wip) and will hopefully be included in the first beta release. I've done voices to the game too (infact all the voices in the video below are me). I plan to have more diversity in the vocals when I get the audio from Xalener.

I've also had time to experiment with Epic's Unreal engine 3 to create new graphical effects including one that mimics a light shaft/lens flare that radiates from intense light and reflected light. you will see this effect as clear as day when you see the explosions, and the search-lights from the HKs.

The beta will also let the player fight against the T600-M3-R(tboomer) near the end of the level. you may be dissapointed that you don't get to fight the harvester in this level, but it is a Beta and things can change. I also have planned to make more levels in the future so It may re-appear later in the game.

Which brings me to My new strategy to release levels episodically. I'm not a professional dev and I don't want to have much anticipation from the community just to only build up pressure. So after the beta gets released and tested by the community, I will make necessary changes and release it as a final. then I'll work on a new level and so on. I plan to have about 4 to 5 levels in the campaign no plans for multiplayer this project is a hobby intended to recreate the future war from the terminator films with a call of duty/killzone 2 style experience.

Now enjoy the Video (pre-Beta Gameplay)


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SinKing Oct 24 2009 says:

Looks good, almost too much frenzy for my taste, but that's how war is. Pre-Beta? You could call it an Alpha, can't you?
I think EPIC should do something about GOW and UNREAL 3. It can't be that people, who have bought Unreal can't run mods made for GOW. It would be a pity to develop a game/mod like this and only GOW players able to play it. Since the game sold like wild on consoles and less on PC you's miss on a lot of potential gamers. Why can't they just allow the texture and mesh library to be uploaded and shared? GOW simply has tons of better textures and more appealing, dystopian house ruins, etc.

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Elementalist Oct 24 2009 replied:

Agreed. This mod looks intriguing, but I do not have Gears of War nor do I intend on getting it... :/

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KILLER89(FIN) Oct 25 2009 replied:

It's about 10-15€.
If you can't afford it, go sell some butt or ********.

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moci Oct 25 2009 replied:

Why not? GoW and Unreal are NOT the same games.
That's like saying that valve should let us play mods for HL2 just because we've got CSS installed...

The mod looks a bit too hectic for me.

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xalener Oct 27 2009 replied:

Well, wha'd you expect? The future war flashbacks aren't exactly calm and controlled :/

Plus I don't think these are official levels, it's more of a showcase to make sure everything works and can be at least a LITTLE fun.. Like a sandbox or something.

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citizen_j Oct 24 2009 says:

huhu, looks sweet

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kinesis916 Oct 24 2009 says:

That looks like so much fun. You seem to have the gritty war feeling in place.

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Dremth Oct 24 2009 says:

wow this looks pretty sweet

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Betelgeuze Oct 24 2009 says:

This looks really great, nice work guys! Only thing I think looks wrong are the animations, they are lacking a bit. Make the animations look smooth and you have a winner (on graphics atleast)

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56er Oct 24 2009 says:

Amazing, but the voice acting on some parts seem to lack. As an example, when the heli in the beginning was hit it was like:"Oh, we are hit, --------oh----oh!"

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PringleX Oct 24 2009 says:

Can we plan on seeing a Killzone 2 styled first person cover system?

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PierreOfTheFrench Oct 24 2009 says:

Very cool! That gameplay looked great. I'll have to reinstall GoW :) Keep up the great work.

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fourteentoone Oct 25 2009 says:

I never thought I'd reinstall GoW (I hate Games For Windows Live) but I may have to just to play this.

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Narlyteeth Author
Narlyteeth Oct 25 2009 replied:

because this game is offline G4WL shouldn't be in the way

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Highmist Oct 25 2009 says:

damn, if only my GOW would DL keeps screwin up a file whenever i DL. Anyway, this looks really good

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D3ads Oct 25 2009 says:

******* sweet stuff, can't wait to see the HK tank roll in :D

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Maggintosh Oct 25 2009 says:

I have to say, that i am totally impressed by the gameplay. It looks really pretty cool and fast paced. Reminds me so much of Killzone 2, but in a good way. Keep up the great work, can't wait to check this mod out by myself.

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Whitsel Oct 25 2009 says:

Considering where you started from(vanilla GoW) this is actually pretty amazing work.

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Kitsunami Oct 25 2009 says:

Constructive criticism on the vid:

the guys standing around during all the gunfire and heli going down... having no emotion at all, that just wouldn't happen. Give em some cowering and screaming ;), make them point and go like 'holy ****!' 'oh no..' etc. Try to give the soldiers distinct personalities, you should try to get about 4/5 alternating death screams, etc and mix and match. The same thing over and over will grate on peoples nerves.

The heli going down voice-over is too slow, heli is down before the comm is over. Speed it up a bit or slow down the heli's descent.

Some better dialogue would be something like this:

Command: Sgt X, get on the chopper and prepare for Evac.

Pilot: "Sgt were taking heavy fire here, get your *** in gear-HOLY **** *explosion* Blackhawk 219, Mayday Mayday, we are going down, we are going down...JESUS CHRI-" *Impact*

Commline: "Blackhawk 219 is down, we are unable to evac. Sgt, your on foot from here on in, we cannot risk another bird. Make your way to x location and regroup with the Major"

Just an idea.

Artillery: Need some ground craters, put them into the map or something.

Everything else was fantastically done.

This is very amazing work. The graphics were intense, it actually looks and feels like a warzone not just a generic 'one soldier wins the day' thing. Keep it up.

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Death8338 Mar 3 2010 replied:

Just to add to that, my opinion was that the grenade throw wasn’t the best animation on the release time, but that’s just my opinion.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Oct 25 2009 says:

wow.. just wow...

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Myloman Nov 3 2009 says:

Another great vid. Now you're really starting to get there man :D. Keep it going ey!

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