Fort Zombie is a focused-scope, casual RPG title in which the game world revolves around a single building – your fort – and the mission specific chunks of the small town that surrounds it. Instead of a major city or a vast countryside, player’s focus their efforts on building up a single structure, finding and training survivors, and venturing out into town looking for supplies.

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Great idea, terrible execution. I'm all for indie game developers and I have a HIGH tolerance for lack of polish, but that is not the issue with this game. I played it at a friend's house and thank god I did, ten dollars gets you browser game level quality, if that.

The aiming in the game is completely broken. Sometimes your character will shoot at random locations in the room or sky for seemingly no reason until you jiggle the mouse. Melee barely works ever, zombies teleport through obstacles and get stuck in walls, and the entire game suffers from the weirdest difficulty curve ever. The beginning of the game is about luck. Sometimes you spawn next to two zombies with rifles who proceed to immediately murder you. Sometimes you just walk to the base. From that point on, it's about surviving until your skills get high enough to compensate for the broken game mechanics.

Bottom line, the problem is glaring bugs that should never escape even a beta test of two competent people. Terrible framerates and a beautiful idea done nowhere near the right amount of justice.

This "game" is really bad, this is obviously the fly. I want to be reimbursed ...

buggy, and it overall broke my heart, it had so much potential, and seeing as they wont update it to help fix the problems, i will never play this game again.

This game simply isn't finished.
OR should be remade.

There really isn't much to say about this game. Zombies games have flooded the market, and it really takes something spectacular to stand out. This one just falls flat.

Horrible game design, horrible choices, and the mechanics aren't that great either. I feel bad saying it, but it's one of the worst games I've touched this year. Sad news indeed as I'm a huge zombie fanatic.

A game full of great ideas that fails to live up to its potential or even be technically competent. When developers start making the excuse of "what do you expect for $10?" when faced with constructive criticism it's hard to want to support them in future.

Thankfully, that decision saved me a lot of money when it came to deciding not to preorder Sword of the Stars 2, which has been another dismal flop from this one hit wonder studio.

Avoid this title like the plague, put your money toward the vastly superior Project Zomboid instead.

On paper, it an incredible game.... If only it was not only on paper....

i like dis game il buy it when i get the money i saw all these vids of it and it looks like the greatest zombie game ever

See the rest of the comments. I only have to view the video to know enough.

I can't get the game to start and I've done everything that was said to fix it in the company's forums! Biggest waste of money I've ever done.... If anyone can tell me a way to play this I would be extremly happy because the Idea of the game is great.

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