Fields of War is a massive multiplayer third-person-shooter focused on large scale battles, territory control, skill and most importantly team play! The players are divided into two factions, North and South, coming from different climates and landscapes, and fight over control of the entire land. Fields of War is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Hello everyone!We are extremely thrilled to announce that Fields of War has finally launched. Thank you all for supporting us through the beta phase and giving us your feedback, it's been invaluable for us.

If you haven't already known, Fields of War has a Greenlight page where you can vote for it to get on Steam:

Finally, Fields of War is available for purchase from our Store. Thank you, and we'll see you all on the battlefield!

Desura keys for previous owners

Desura keys for previous owners

1 year ago News 0 comments

Instructions on how to redeem Fields of War on Desura if you already own it

Media update

Media update

2 years ago News 0 comments

More sites talk about Fields of War, including CinemaBlend, GamersHell, MMOAttack and RockPaperShotgun!

Interview with IndieGameHQ

Interview with IndieGameHQ

2 years ago News 0 comments

IndieGameHQ has posted an interview with the Thermal Erosion team regarding the future of Fields of War. Worth reading!

Fields of War is available for purchase

Fields of War is available for purchase

2 years ago News 0 comments

We are very proud to announce that Fields of War is available for purchase from our web store, as well as from GamersGate.

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theguyswhogamesalot Jan 15 2014 says:

Looks cool! Maybe if you can lower the price to $10?

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RighteousNixon Jan 16 2014 replied:

Jesus gamers are cheap these days. Gaming has never been cheaper and that is a massive understatement. Games were $50.00 back when Sierra was releasing games like Kings Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. Factoring in inflation, that would be equivalent to paying roughly $120.00 for games today. Games today are dirt cheap and yet there are people all over Desura, Steam, etc bitching about 10-15 dollar games. Its nothing short of mind blowing.

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Zerathos Jan 20 2014 replied:

Games can also sell a lot more than they did in the days when fewer people had computers and online distribution wasn't a thing. The more copies you sell and the lower the cost of distribution, the lower you can afford to make your price and still make a profit. There's also a lot more games, and thus competition, in the market and price is one way to convince people to spend their money on your game instead of someone else's.

As was pointed out, this is a multiplayer-only game so the player population is paramount to its success. Plenty of excellent multiplayer games (Section 8: Prejudice comes to mind, which is also $15 by the way) have withered on the vine because they never pulled in decent player numbers. Whether $10 would actually be the magic number or not, I don't know (I don't have access to their sales numbers, obviously), but it's not an unreasonable number at the least.

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theguyswhogamesalot Jan 19 2014 replied:

Your comment holds a lot of truth about how gamers have changed from what they once were, but the market has also changed a lot. I honestly meant no insult to this game or mean to come off as greedy or cheap. I honestly hope this game does very well, along with other indie developers.

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theguyswhogamesalot Jan 19 2014 replied:

Sorry if I offended you (or the game developer) with my comment. I can see how you would interpret it as "Your game looks terrible! Lower the price and I'll consider buying", and by all means I didn't intend that at all. As stated in my comment, this game looks great! It is definitely a spin from most multiplayer games, especially those triple A title games like Call of Duty and Battlefield who regurgitate the same game each year. The reason why I suggest (no demand) for them to lower the price is because I think that the game would be more successful if them game is cheaper. This game is multiplayer only, with no form of singleplayer in it, so this game is player dependent for the game to work, especially with the staggering and spectacular 100 vs 100 player battles. If the price is lower more people can buy the game, and the game becomes easier to suggest to others to play.

I feel this game is worth more than it's $15 price. If this was some other random third party game it would likely sell for $30. I've programed games before. It takes alot of time and effort to make them, and the games that I've made were terrible small games, that I never got to finish. These guys are awesome for making such a great looking game.

And don't think I dismiss your entire statement. I agree that PC gamers have been spoiled to some degree by Steam sales and Humble Bundle sales, and think they deserve a lower price for games than their initial value. But mind that nowadays games and gamers have grown in mass number over the recent years, and that from what used to be a niche hobby back in the day is now one of the biggest and fastest growing media type today. The only way small games even get a chance is because of there lower value, which makes it an easier buying decision. I don't say this is right, but it is how it is.

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J-max04 Jan 17 2014 replied:

But added to this, the gaming industry is much larger, meaning that a small group of people are able to sell a lot more copies, but it also means that there are alot of games for people to divide their money between. I think that theguyswhogamesalot probably should have said that he was not yet convinced that it was worth $17. In spite of what I have said, I agree, $17 SHOULD be considered a very good price for a game like this.

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WeasleX Jan 16 2014 buried:


If it were free, they'd still be whining about something else. Like, well, it's free, it's gotta be crap then. Honestly, you can't win.

-5 votes     reply to comment
intergang Jan 16 2014 replied:

On behalf of theguywhogamesalot, who by the way I don't exactly agree with at most times, to say the least. Suck a fat **** you ********.

All he said was "Looks cool! Maybe if you can lower the price to $10?" and you two douchebags managed to get out:

" Games today are dirt cheap and yet there are people all over Desura, Steam, etc bitching about 10-15 dollar games. Its nothing short of mind blowing."
"If it were free, they'd still be whining about something else. Like, well, it's free, it's gotta be crap then. Honestly, you can't win."

He just asked if you could make the price a bit cheaper. This is an indie title not a AAA, and many games today are still at the $50 mark, whether they are worth it or not. A lower price isn't exactly to much to ask when there isn't even a demo provided by the developers to play!

Project Zomboid as far as I'm concerned is a POS. Some people like it, I personally after playing it only think it's a $5 game at best and plays like a great game you might find on Facebook. Wish I had know before, yes.

It's a real shame to spend $5, $10, $15 or more on something and sure it might be a great product. Though not at all what you expected or thought you were getting, even after reading reviews and watching videos. Let's not mention the fact of so many "Indie" developers using WYSIWYG game creation systems.

My last point, Is that mostly when people are asking for a lower price, such as myself. We feel we don't know enough to give value to the current price. The lazy non-caring way Desura product posters put up their work is so shameful to their own work.

There is a features section USE IT!. There is a description area, what all you can get out is two sentences about your game!!! SERIOUSLY!!!?

Since we are having this conversation. Put value in your game, be descriptive, make sure you show people what they are getting and I'm certain you'll get less complaints about price, or at least the wonder of the products value.

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Bigdog1787 Jan 17 2014 replied:

Then dota 2 must suck its free to play. Not every free game sucks lol though they should not make this game free they indie its there only income if they was popular then they could do in game market stuff and make the game free, but they are not.

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RighteousNixon Jan 17 2014 replied:

Oh look, another internet tough guy. What a shock, lol. Internet muscles are one of the more comical aspects to the internet. Anyways, I don't converse with children on internet forums, or even adults that just behave like children, so no offense but I didn't read past the first sentence. Looks to me like just another kid whose parents put them on Ritalin.

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MouldyK Jan 12 2014 says:

Even though I got the game from Indie Game Stand for $1 (About £0.60 in England), I think that the pricing of the game might be a bit too high to get players.

I think a better price would be $5 or $7.50 at the most. (Or around £5 in England). Not saying the game is bad, I love it, but at the moment, with only 1 map and barely any players, I think a lower price could drum up sales. :D

Also, a way to tell how many players are in the game before loading it up would be nice.

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cpholmes9 Jan 11 2014 says:

Any chance of us Indiegamestand buyers getting a Desura key? Love the game, but only play with myself and bots right now.

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ceeking Jan 11 2014 says:

liking the graphics man, its going to be a great game.

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torham1 Jan 10 2014 says:

Any chance I be able to host a server for LAN play?

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Rymosrac Jan 16 2014 replied:

Seconding this, would love to give this a shot at our monthly LAN's if possible.

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liamdawe Jan 9 2014 says:

Goodluck with the Desura launch I hope it brings you new players!

+4 votes     reply to comment
asafsitner Creator
asafsitner Jan 10 2014 replied:

Thanks! We hope so too. :D

+3 votes   reply to comment
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