Mommy say's I'll get to see Santa Clause soon! All the kids go to the mall to see Santa but Mommy says that Santa is a fake. She's taking me somewhere to go and see the real Santa Clause! Mommy said he has a gift just for me! I can't wait to sit in his lap! Written by Ethan, December 21st, 2011. Festival follows the short story involving discovery, love, and playful imagination. The game will only last you 30 minutes at most and there is no replay value. However you'll find a suitable amount of mental stimulation in those mere 30 minutes. Festival also won R3 Year's End Festive Game Competition, in case that sways you over. I cannot give much information because there isn't much information to give. The story, while there is one, is stripped to essentials and so anything I possibly give I would consider spoilers. There's only two main characters, Ethan, and the other I can't give a name to because of spoilers. The game has a 100% original soundtrack and sound effects.

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A short 30 Minute christmas based RPG based about a child going to see Santa.

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Es interesante si sabes cómo apreciarlo y jugarlo oWo



77MB FOR 10 min of play >:(


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