Fated Kingdom is a digital board game set in dark fantasy world with online co-op for 4 players. Starting the development, we set ourselves the goal to enable players to experience the pleasure spent at the real table: a colorful board, a deck of cards, dices, tokens of heroes and other small joys. To this end, we plan to embody all the main advantages of tabletop gaming, the most important of which we consider complete freedom of action. Unlike many other digital adaptations, Fated Kingdom does not drive the player into the rigid framework of scripts and algorithms. The game takes place in real time, and all the actions are done by its participants: throwing dice, drawing cards from the deck, moving the tokens of their characters on the board.

There are clearly spelled out in a separate manual that is available in the game menu, but the game does not control the rules execution. As in real life, players themselves must see to it that the party follows the rules. If desired and mutual consent, the rules can be changed or supplemented. And, of course, you can cheat. The main thing is that opponents do not notice this!

In accordance with the stated setting Fated Kingdom will present a gloomy medieval world with fantasy elements. The Kingdom of Kinmar is filled with monsters, undead and looters. The ordinary people leave fields that have long been unproductive and the whole royal army has gone on a campaign and has not returned. It seems that destiny itself wants the country to plunge into the abyss of despair and chaos. To somehow counteract the numerous misfortunes and regain control of the situation, the king calls for the help of his most faithful servants and creates 4 guilds: the Feudal Pact, the Arcane Commune, the Pathfinders and the Heirs of Kinmarr. Each guild receives complete freedom of action and a clearly stipulated contract: destroy everything that harms the crown.

At the beginning of the game, 10 years have already passed, and during this time the guilds have not succeeded in their mission. The Kingdom shrank to the capital, several large cities and war-ravaged lands in their environs. There will not be a clear line of the plot in the game, but there will be a series of brief notes on the cards, on which it will be possible to draw an approximate picture of what is happening.

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The development of the indie project constantly forces us to yield and seek compromises. Much of what is available to major publishers and well-known studios is simply impossible to implement for several people. In the case of our digital board game called Fated Kingdom and even less - only 2 developers. But this does not mean that you can make a mediocre product!

We are approaching the release. The project went through all the necessary procedures in order to be released on Steam, and the issue of presentation of the game arose sharply. Of course, we already have some promotional materials, but to create a page in the store you need a trailer. Many perceive it as if it's enough just to load the cutting of gameplay moments, but everything is a little more complicated.

Trailer - this is a brief overview of the game, which has 2 goals at once. First, it must demonstrate the basic mechanics and features. This is necessary so that the viewer can understand what to expect from the game. Secondly, the trailer promotes the game, advertises it. Therefore, a good trailer always shows the game a little better than it is.

Indie development imposes a lot of restrictions, but both of these tasks are quite feasible if you approach the matter consistently and wisely. First of all, we sketched the general plan of the trailer: a short video synchronized to the beat of a stylistically suitable music, which shows the most important features of the game:

  • Classic tabletop experience in digital form;
  • 4 player co-op;
  • Sandbox with no forced rules;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Dark and cruel fantasy world.

In the team there is nobody to make cool cutscenes and write music, so we immediately refused the first one and began to search the network for the second. In the end, the choice fell on the composition "Division" for the authorship of the Kevin MacLeod, who provides his music under the license CC BY 3.0. Of course, we had to try hard to sort out the rubble of his music, but it was worth it.

Next, we shot footage with GeForce Experience (supplied with the drivers of modern Nvidia graphics cards) and started editing in Sony Vegas. First two short animated splash screens with the logo of our studio and the Unity Engine that we use, then the gameplay, and in the end - an animated Fated Kingdom key art with the mention that the game will soon appear on Steam.

The most difficult thing was to adjust the video with the music so that all transitions occur in the same rhythm. Also we needed a little understanding of the work with layers and effects to make a beautiful splash screens. Otherwise, the trailer is quite simple, but it does not look like the some average gameplay cut.

Dev. Diary #2: How we created the cards for the Fated Kingdom

Dev. Diary #2: How we created the cards for the Fated Kingdom


Why it is important to be able to find faults in your work, but do not get hung up on it, re-doing it again and again in an attempt to achieve the ideal.

Dev. Diary #1: The idea behind Fated Kingdom

Dev. Diary #1: The idea behind Fated Kingdom


A small note about how a tiny team began to make its first commercial project.

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