Jack Carver is cursing the day he ever came to this island. A week ago Valerie, a brash newspaper reporter, offered him an incredible sum of cash to sail her to this unspoiled paradise; but shortly after docking he was greeted by artillery fire from a mysterious militia group swarming over the island. With his boat destroyed, his money gone, and Valerie suddenly missing, Jack now finds himself facing an army of mercenaries amidst the wilds of the island with nothing but a gun and his wits to help him survive. And the further he pushes into the lush jungle canopy, the stranger things become...

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Ultraball 0.1 Full Install

Ultraball Full Version 0 comments

The full installer for Ultraball 0.1

Vehicles Pack v1 Setup

Freestyle-Productions.net Vehicles Pack Full Version 4 comments

Version 1 of the mod "Freestyle-Productions.net Vehicles Pack".

tank animation

Frontline Soldiers Movies 0 comments

this is a small vid of the chain animation from our kingtiger... textures are only placeholders. if you have some skills with c++ and think you can help...

Ultraball 0.11 Manual Update

Ultraball Patch 0 comments

-Go to FarCry/mods/ultraball . -Delete the directory named scripts. -Unzip the update file right in FarCry/mods/ultraball. It will probably ask you...

Assault Coop: Fort Ambush Demo Mod

Assault Coop Full Version 0 comments

This is the second release for the mod. It features a new style of gameplay that is co-op! Two maps are in this mod for gaming. Both function smoothly...

Willy´s Jeep

Willy´s Jeep

Frontline Soldiers Movies 0 comments

This video is packed in WINRAR!! Rename the file to .rar (remove the .zip) Shown in movie : Willy´s Jeep

Assault Coop: Black Hawk Down Mod

Assault Coop Full Version 0 comments

this is another mini mod release for the mod Assault Coop. This mini mod features controlled spawning! This mod also allow co-op game play on lan servers...


Assault Coop Movies 0 comments

this is a trailer for an upcoming map in the next release. Sorry for the low quality, but it would be a much bigger file...anyways hope you like it.

Game Trailer for Obsidian Edge 1

Obsidian Edge Movies 0 comments

A video showing the features and gameplay of Obsidian Edge 1...it's a long way from Far Cry!

Map Trailer for Obsidian Edge 1

Obsidian Edge Movies 1 comment

Game trailer showing some of the maps included in Obsidian Edge 1.

Obsidian Edge 1.0

Obsidian Edge Full Version 0 comments

Before uploading to ModDB, this mod has been downloaded over 28,900 times across 13 sites including: Gamershell - 6182 times - Fileplanet - 8048 times...

Obsidian Edge Patch 1.1

Obsidian Edge Patch 0 comments

Build 1.1.038 (Release 1.1) 2/3/2006 -------------------------------------- Release build 1.1.038 is a PATCH BUILD and MUST be installed over Release...

Obsidian Edge Server-Side patch 1.1a

Obsidian Edge Patch 0 comments

Server-side patch to Obsidian Edge version 1.1 - Fixes two bugs released in the OE 1.1 patch. Only required if you host a server directly or in dedicated...

Assault Coop version 1.0

Assault Coop Full Version 8 comments

This is the first offical release of Assault Coop mod! version 1.0... A mod that brings co-op gameplay to your game farcry. It brings you the joy of assault...

Assault Coop_1.1 patch

Assault Coop Patch 2 comments

Hi all again! this is the 1.1 patch for the co-op mod "Assault Coop" This patch will repair several bugs seen in the game and will add several...

Mischief in Paradise v5

Mischief in Paradise v5

Full Version 0 comments

You're Jack, the guy with the red hawaiian shirt who recently put an end to Kreiger's perverse experiments and saved paradise in the process...

Mischief in Paradise Mod

Mischief in Paradise Full Version 1 comment

Mischief in Paradise Mod. Enjoy!

Mischief in Paradise .cry file

Mischief in Paradise Mapping Tool 0 comments

Mischief in Paradise .cry file.

Assault Coop v2.0 trailer

Assault Coop Movies 0 comments

Trailer to the next upcoming release of Assault Coop. Version 2.0!!!


Wages Of Fear Full Version 1 comment

The multi 2 installer (english and french) of the FarCry mod wages of fear.

Matto 4 feature: Gasbottles teaser

Matto 4 feature: Gasbottles teaser

Matto4 Movies 0 comments

A short trailer, hosted by Boris, showing off one of the Matto4 features; Gasbottles. When shot the bottles are ignited and launched off, hopefully into...

Mysterious island 1.0

Mysterious island 1.0

Full Version 1 comment

The Mysterious Island mod is the creation of a Russian modder, AVA2006, who has a soft spot for Literary great Jules Verne. AVA2006 enjoyed the creativity...

Matto4 1.1 Patch

Matto4 1.1 Patch

Matto4 Patch 0 comments

1.0 to 1.1 After some time of bugfixing, it's finally done. Matto4 patch 1.1 is now available. We didn't fix much, although there were a lot...

Assault Coop v2.0 beta

Assault Coop Full Version 9 comments

Hey all, this is the installer to install Assault Coop v2.0 beta test version. Feel free to use the .cry files included in each map to look at them in...

Tmod 1.0 installer

Tiradentes Mod Full Version 0 comments

This is the first public 1.0 installer. I've spent a lot of time making sure the first release was no beta! (it is also available on my website without...

Project Far Cry MOD Trailer

Project Far Cry MOD Trailer

Project Far Cry Movies 0 comments

Trailer of Project Far Cry MOD

Project Far Cry 1.0

Project Far Cry Full Version 13 comments

Version 1.0 of Project Far Cry - Mod ================================================= ===================== Project Far Cry Mod A Far Cry Modification...

First Contact: Planetfall

First Contact: Planetfall

First Contact: PlanetFall Full Version 8 comments

The completed mod of seven students from the University of Salford. Take on the role of BioChemical Scientist Lucy Rhea, as part of the Extra-Terrestrial...

Level2 fix (sounds and music)

First Contact: PlanetFall Patch 1 comment

This references some sound and music files which did do not play in the previous released version. Copy this file into C:\...Far Cry\Mods\FirstContact\Levels\...

Roomette install

Roomette Full Version 0 comments

Roomette install, nothing more usefull to say. Ho yes, I heard some people have a little bug after the intro cutscene: a black screen, just reload the...

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