Experience all the sights and sounds of fabulous New Vegas, brought to you by Vault-Tec, America's First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation. Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, confront terrifying creatures, and arm yourself with the latest high-tech weaponry as you make a name for yourself on a thrilling new journey across the Mojave wasteland.

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About Fallout: Project Brazil with 15 comments by Thaiauxn on Aug 16th, 2015

Oh, lordy yes! We have a ton of great new updates for ya'll t'day. We have the new Faction Armours from Tau34RUS and I rigged by Dragbody, new wasteland flora from Vurts, new scripts ready to play from Seddon and RickerHK, and we are joined now by NafNaf1995 as a level artist on the project. We also have new art from EddibleGrenade and Weijisen. Not to mention, RJHelms from Beyond Boulder Dome is going to join us as soon as he gets re-adjusted to the antique GECK!

First up in news this month: I took a break from my job! For the next 3 months I will be off assignment and working exclusively on Fallout: Project Brazil, basically from 08:00 to 20:00 every day.

It's a crazy schedule and I'm sure my ass will be very numb by the end. I've got to finish some large 3d jobs, balance all the NPCs for combat and navmesh, then also record, cut, and edit new voice acting from almost 24 actors. So I will be very busy leading up to release. I might die. Send whiskey to my funeral.

Vault Vikings!

This is not Skyrim in Fallout! It's... much more sophisticated!

Vault Viking Gear

Generic Vanilla Man Starring as Vault Viking!

I've been working with Seddon and RickerHK to renovate all of our NPCs and distribute their new gear and race appearances to levelled lists. This will help us give the Raider Tribe cultures their own visibly unique feeling, so you won't just be fighting or allies with faceless mooks, unlike the NCR. The NCR are borrowing from Dargbody's trooper Overhaul to give them some new gear, but they are very much white bread on rice. Which is okay, because that's kind of their entire life philosophy.

Tribal Super Mutants!

Shi Armour

Shi armour!

Hero characters Kieva Nanjima and Jarl Coriolis in our test chamber.

Fully modular atomic pumps with rotating sales numbers and detachable hose!

Vault-Tec Doodads!

EddibleGrenade12 on the Nexus made some really incredible Nuka machine meshes from fallout 4 and uploaded them to the site for you to play with! I spotted those looking for a modders resource to save me time making a new Gas Pump, and decided to invite him to work with us. These new Vault resources are taken from Adam Adamowicz's concept art for Fallout 3.

Since the first gas pump, we've fallen into a cool rhythm where he sends me a mesh UVed and textured, and I do a quick retex to fit our theme and add collision geometry, then add them to the GECK via nifscope. We'll release these separately from FPB too, so you can use them in your own mods. Weijisen is also making destructible version of these assets, so as you shoot them they'll decay along various stages before finally exploding.

Flora Overhaul Test Cell!

If you still recognize this road underneath the new assets, you my friend, are an addict. Seek help.

We also have Vurt's Flora Overhaul resources integrated into our files! We've used several of his incredible tree resources, but you'll have to download VFO if you want to use them in New Vegas, which we've left completely untouched so it won't disturb any of your mods over there. For our purposes you'll only need our file to get the full FPB experience.

We're transforming our forest from the burnt toast on brown look to "The Blood Woods," where crimson leaves slowly fall to the ground and the sap drips like a wounded beast.

Sounds like a far more interesting environment to explore, right? It's also a science lesson hidden in there, as Chlorophyll when bombarded with Gamma Rays turns a rust red colour. Just like the Red Forest of Chernobyl. They at first turned red, then faded to ginger brown under the bleaching effects of the sun. But that's not as exciting so we're leaving them red. I blame FEV. GHOUL TREES. Super Mutant Ghoul Trees.

I still need to make red grass textures and meshes to really sell the look. The above are just a very quick test of the new assets as they're going in and substituting old vanilla meshes. It'll look much more rich and natural after we get tonight's file merger done and we have more time to work them into the land.

At this point, if you played the 1.3.1 version of Project Brazil and felt disappointed by that 2 year old WIP -- yeah, I was too. I HATED it. Now at the very least the world will be totally transformed and virtually unrecognisable from that shite old version, so you can mend that broken heart. :)

NafNaf1995 has joined us from Beyond Skyrim to help renovate our ancient and dilapidated wastes!

Just about every other day you can catch Naf on his twitch stream as he mods our mod and transforms the old stand-in places from my 5 year old hackjob kitbashings to the newly renovated feel.

So far he's helped transform Union City into a place worth exploring, boosted the exterior of fort Daggerpoint, and established a new route to escape the Raiders if you get caught and want to bail on that storyline early on at Athens-Tec mine. That, along with several other changes to the wastes. Together we'll be using the new Vurts resources to redo the forest area that is currently quite shite and give you a much more pleasant experience on your way out into the deserts that I've previously renovated in our last news post.

Nuevo Union City!

Pictured: Clearly not a Star Destroyer.

Athens-Tec Mine has been renovated to use nearly 130 fewer assets, freeing up several megabytes of ram and hopefully preventing crashes in a very heavy scene. If you compare this area with Megaton in Fallout 3, the home of the Raider Alliance is 5x the size and contains 3x the NPCs. It also sprawls over several kilometres beyond the mine, and is deep in Raider territory. Naf really saved us with his renovations, since most of those old placements hadn't been touched since we ported from fallout 3 a looong time ago.

Speaking of Athens-Tec, Seddon has just finished up his quests that start the major Raider branch of our story in this area, titled "Hell's Gate."

Between Rick and Seddon we're currently waging war on Main Quest 02 on both the Raider and NCR side of the parallel plot line, which already has a ton of progress already cemented in and ready to play. Those events just need to be stitched together along the main narrative arc, which is what we'll be doing through the end of August.

Last up on our list is my work in Vault 18.

Not only have I completely remade the ancient Fallout 3 Vault Textures, I've upgraded them from 512 to 2048 resolution. Most re-textures just enlarge the existing materials and toss a sharpen filter over it with some top coat details. I actually went back and sculpted brand new normals and masks, completely redoing the texture from scratch to look the same, but have a radically higher resolution and quality of art. That is too much to use in New Vegas, but on, say, Fallout 4, these new PBR textures would fit in seamlessly, and they'd be legal to use because they are fully new assets.

That process has taken several of the last few months as I toil over the master work of completely rebuilding all of Vault 18 from the ground up.

The above is a screen-shot of my 3dsmax progress from last week. I'll keep this one close to the chest until we are officially ready to release sometime before Fallout 4 does.

That's right. All of Vault 18 is getting a makeover. No more slowdowns in the Atrium, no more getting lost and wandering identical corridors looking fr a quest marker hidden a level above or below you. No, this is a whole new level. No vanilla assets required.

The scripts, the story, and the content will be identical if you played 1.3.1, with the addition of only 1 new NPC and some remastered voice files. But the level layout is completely new and worth exploring again, even if you played 1.3.1 six times.

Also, if you happen across a magazine article, like our fan Rasta did in the Czech Republic, go ahead and post it to our facebook! We keep showing up in the Gaming News and nobody tells us before I get a google alert. :p

You can read more about our progress on the Design Documents Found Here. In the mean time, you can keep track of us on ModDB, Fallout Nexus, or Facebook. We've got a thriving online community centred around each one.


Brandan Lee
Project Leader

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The Nevada MysteryMan

The Nevada MysteryMan

Jul 9, 2015 The Nevada MysteryMan Full Version 0 comments

To install: Extract and place in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data and activate the esp.

Project Alpha v1.1

Project Alpha v1.1

Jul 5, 2015 Full Version 3 comments

This mod is designed to make the game more difficult and fun if you enjoy a challenge All weapons now have more damage Most non-energy weapons now have...

Project Realism

Project Realism

Jul 3, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

This is a mod that tweaks and changes towns and weight,damage of weapons and armor to make the game more realistic also some new bandit factions and player...

ModSpace V1

ModSpace V1

Jun 23, 2015 ModSpace Full Version 0 comments

The complete room map for ModSpace! I will be working on a version 2 that includes NPCs and other niffy gadgets to help test out mods.

Blood: Refilled

Blood: Refilled

Jun 1, 2015 Full Version 0 comments

Let's put it straight: Blood + Fallout: New Vegas = Blood: Refilled.

Underground City v0.0.3

Underground City v0.0.3

May 25, 2015 Underground City [WIP] Demo 2 comments

New update More stuff still wip looking for someone to make voice acting

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Akutou Oct 31 2010 says:

Any idea how I can get my hands on the trench coat and gas mask armor from the cover?
Great game, by the way! Great title in general...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Herterich Oct 31 2010 replied:

At around level 17-18 the NCR rangers with the coats and gas mask start to spawn around NCR camps, only way to get the armor that I know of is to kill them, you need to be around level 21 with companions in order to kill one without cheats.

+1 vote     reply to comment
DesiredLegionReaper Feb 7 2011 replied:

And you can Do all the NCR Missions And get the Key To the NCR Safehouse and get the Veteran NCR Armor to :D Take alot of work to Do But,Worth it!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Akutou Oct 31 2010 replied:

But I like the NCR... Anyway of getting the armor without ruining my paragon-ish reputation? Plus, I haven't really seen any around and I'm already level 26...

+1 vote     reply to comment
Frezak276 Nov 1 2010 replied:

Actually, if can kill one from behind with a sneak headshot and no-one sees you, it doesn't affect reputation.
That works with everyone, everywhere.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Akutou Nov 1 2010 replied:

Yeah, but the problem is I haven't seen hide nor hair of a NCR Ranger (Or whatever they're called)... Spare that huge Colossus near the Mojave Outpost... But I don't think I'll be bringing that down any time soon...
And I'm not too keen on cheating... Never have and never will!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Herterich Oct 31 2010 replied:

There should be some mods that give it to you on newvegasnexus.com

+1 vote     reply to comment
Akutou Nov 2 2010 replied:

Here's how I took care of the matter:
Well... Quite stupid a way, to say the least..
Now, during the Presidential Speech thing, there are two of them standing on the platform... Now, there is a way of getting one of them to die (without killing them yourself): Obviously, let the engineer blow up the president- one of them is closer and he gets blown up as well. (That actually happened the first time I tried the quest)
Another (and this one is better since you actually complete the Presidential Quest with it) (and the one I followed)
During the same speech, there's a chance of there being another one near the makeshift gate in the middle of the dam. Actually he's somewhere more close to the two things... pumps I think they are... Anyways... Now, you need to act fast:
Disable the bomb on BEAR FORCE ONE (omg...), get to the kamikaze engineer and kill the sniper. BUT, don't tell that Grant guy and let the president finish his speech. While he's finishing his public appearance, go and put a grenade in the poor fellas' pants... Make sure you're under the influence of a stealth-boy and with high enough sneak to pull it off... There's no one else around to see you should be able to come out of it scant clean... Your rep stays the same, you don't make a commotion, you don't panic everybody, failing the quest; and you get your goods...
Now, I'm not saying this is going to be the case every single game- unit spawns are random, within a few exclusions. The two Rangers on the platform will always be there, but they might not be close enough to the explosion and the guy patrolling the far side of the dam might not be a trench coat Ranger...

+1 vote     reply to comment
viper276 Oct 28 2010 says:

9 days later and still going
great game :)
btw Iron sights Rock

+2 votes     reply to comment
Piuneer Oct 26 2010 says:

I'm having a lot of fun with this so far, but the recycled assets really seem to clash with most of the new stuff (or could it be the other way). It just feels a bit sloppy to me, but it's great fun and that's all that matters ^_^

+5 votes     reply to comment
[$#!T-Happens] Oct 23 2010 says:

bloody awesome game!!!.... cant wait some good mods to inhabit the Mojave :D
hell i may even have to start on a small ghost town or something :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
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Hardcore mode for the win.
Weapons, lots and lots of them.
Consistent fluff with previous FO games, unlike FO3 (eg. NCR expansionism and BoS being the dicks they always were).
Combat armor is awesome once again.

Nov 16 2010 by SlayerX3

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