Faceless is a Greenlit Multiplayer Horror on the Unreal Engine 4 which sees players attempting to survive alone, or with up to three friends in Wakeland City to try and find Daniel North. Having followed his documents, the players must find Dolls in each location and deliver them to the Ritual Zones to set the trapped souls within free, thus completing Daniel's quest, and bringing the survivors one step closer to learning his whereabouts. Upon burning all the Dolls, The Soulrender will be forced to depart from the immediate area... But not until after it has tried to feed on your souls.


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A concept of the glitches and distortions that occur upon seeing the Slenderman. As stated on YouTube:

'A concept test for encountering Slendy (Slender: Source), this is in no way a representation of the final product, it uses outdated and unfinished content, the distortions are done in post production and are not in game, it is merely a concept for inspiration and ideas, shizzle.

Outdated content: Slenderman model.
Unfinished content: Map.'