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The Being. "He Is Coming." Hyde St. Station
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27 comments by Sklarlight on Dec 31st, 2013

Happy T̢͊̾͛̒ͦ̿ͪe̴ͫ̂̈́ͨ͒̓͂r̓̒͆̒̌́r͊͑̚i͏f̓͆̓̒ͬẙͫ̈́ͯ͏iͩ̂͊̇̾̑͞n̐g͗ͣ͂͛̏̀ͧ New Year!


Faceless has been rather quiet for some time now, and whilst that is the case, it doesn't mean things are quiet on the inside. The New Year's Update is going to cover a lot of things including 'What's New', 'What's Next', 'The Leak' and more. We didn't want to release an update until we had enough to show. Ideally we wanted to wait until we could show some nice gameplay, but for now as that continues to undergo development we'll be showing you aesthetic changes.

Development did slow down a few times since the old team dispersed and the new team got together, we've been slowly trying to work forwards to building the game into one that can be played. We recently introduced the new model for the Being and have displayed that in-game.

What's New?

Development on Faceless has been spent trying to look for suitable programmers to build our game into one that can be played really well in terms of gamemodes and AI, and whilst we look for suitable candidates (And are currently working with one!) - We work hard to ensure the maps set in Wakeland City are as best as they possibly can be. Without further ado I'd like to introduce you all to three new mappers who have joined our team: John 'Thall' Costello, VIOLATION and DeathVice. - Hyde Street Station has been updated in many ways to ensure it is optimised in the best way for multiplayer, and making each and every one of our maps beautiful. Now as you know, the main gamemode for Faceless consists of four large maps (And an additional smaller four maps for quicker-games) - And each map has its own setting within Wakeland City. Here are some screenshots of Hyde Street Station: (With thanks to the lovely DeadDoll00 for drawing up the designs for our symbols.)

Next, there is Wakeland Forest, the forest which is located next to Wakeland Town, the forest is the darkest map in the game with a cave and a river. You don't want to go in the water. Here are some screenshots: (Thank you to TheComedian for making the Skybox Textures for this game!)

In order, the maps go: Wakeland Forest, Wakeland Town (Which we've yet to show!), Hyde Street Station and then Bear Valley Hospital (Which we've also yet to show!). These maps can be played in order like a campaign, or you can choose to play them in any order you like. The four smaller maps will include a laboratory/office, a car park structure, a smaller forest and a motel complex. As a teaser, here are some pictures of the (Early WIP) car park structure:

Here is a snapshot of the Flashlight model textured: The game will have various flashlight materials.

Credit to Angel for the model and to Flash for the texture.

Next to that, we have a really nice new wallpaper for the Being:

Credit to Angel for the model and to Flash for the texture/pose and wallpaper.
(Click for the link to the download, with various resolutions.)

Another thing worth showing is a little video Flash-Killer, our texture aritst/animator made, something that really encapsulates just how far our project has come in terms of one particular element, the Being. It also shows a couple of animations for the new Being model. Thank you for this video, Flash.

What's Next?

Next is something that we'd like to raise with everybody, ever since becoming Greenlit through Steam, we've become even more ambitious, bringing the game to be something it was never meant to be, we mean this in a good way, of course! However, this does mean that we have considered selling our game through Steam. So are we going to?

Yes, and no.

Yes: We will be selling the full multiplayer and singleplayer experience of Faceless complete with all the maps and gamemodes, prologue and epilogue, the entire package on Steam for £6.99 ($9.99, €8.99).

No: We will be shipping out a free version of Faceless with the Hyde Street Station and Forest map, alongside the prologue as a single-player standalone build of Faceless. These are the maps Faceless would have had, if it were to remain free. (With the prologue as a bonus addition!)

This was a tough decision for us to make and for me especially, as I had personally said to everybody that Faceless would always remain free. Which is exactly why I'd like to raise why we have come to this decision. Everybody on the Faceless team are the best at what they do, we have a fantastic compilation of developers who are offering the best of the best and that's exactly what we want to give, and it's been harder and harder with every passing day to do this. This is why we have decided to sell the full version of the game, but keep a free version there for everybody who wants it.

Donation Campaign.

We have one final donation campaign due to the increasing requests for one, and this will be a chance to grab the product for a cheaper price than it will go for, and it will be used to push development even further than we already are! Since we're using the Source Engine, it's quite a costly figure we have to reach for its license, so we're hoping to use some of it for that, as well as for other licenses. The donations may also be used for a professional programmer if that is needed. Aside from those, it'll be used to progress the development of the mod. We have a fairly high goal, but this is not enough to cover everything and we're not expecting to even reach it, which is why we'll still be receiving whatever donations are made. In total, your donations will go towards:

  • Beta Servers
  • SVN Hosting
  • Oculus Rift Kit(s)
  • Towards License fees
  • Towards a professional programmer (if necessary!)

At this time we, of course cannot promise that the game will be done. It's been a very tough journey alone as it is at the moment. So please take that into account and into consideration. We are all thriving to get this game complete to the best it can be, so we hope to jump over every hurdle like we have done so far, in the wise words of Gabe Newell; "These things, they take time."

The IndieGoGo campaign will be up by the next update in February. [UPDATE: The IndieGoGo Campaign will be up when the time is right.]

The Leak.


Not many people may be aware, but Faceless was leaked not so long ago by a past-developer who under unfortunate circumstances decided to personally attack the team for reasons unknown, and then went onto writing an article filled with very subjective comments and a video with the leak. He would appear to be very composed in his writings and statements, but would revert to very child-like behaviour once somebody, even a stranger, confronted him. One of our followers, Fritz Schmit, kindly wanted to make a statement in regards to this:

FritzSchmit wrote:I find the way he leaked the build to be childish. He did it because of aggravation, with no real good intention(s). He acted in anger, not justice, or whatever he claimed he was bringing.

...He began to insult me after I told him that he was acting unnecessarily rude and just stating things we already know, attempting to make it sound surprising and shocking. However, I do hope he was only acting childish, and nothing bad is actually going on with him in the real world.

Thank you for your comment, Fritz. - We are aware he stood up to this past developer and was attacked by him. It has been difficult facing this attack, and initially it was the shock of how unexpected it was. To begin with, this person was insulting me, then everybody else as soon as he had left. Not many people outside of the team know that I am actually deaf, and he had attacked me using that also, so it was a great shame to see it happen. We hope that it's over.

The leak has been contained and YouTube, Mediafire and Dropbox had swiftly taken all the videos/files down in relation to it. ModDB/IndieDB also responded helpfully by removing the article and banning him. However, him and his 'clan' are still attempting to sell copies of the now severely outdated leak in exchange for money or TF2 'buds', 'keys' and even 'unusuals'. Please ignore anybody with the '7g' or 'RICH HOMIE' tag/brand who approaches you with intent to sell or leak Faceless to you, and kindly report their profile. We are not aware if absolutely everyone with these tags are involved, but we are aware that a few are. Some others are involved who don't have this tag, but are affiliated with the past developer. We hope this situation can be kept to a minimum and we appreciate the constant support of our fans during this time.


We are still looking for some more people to join our team. Here is a list of those we are looking for! For those who wish to apply, you'll be joining a team who communicate daily text-based through a Skype group chat, with professional and polite development members of Faceless to work towards creating a greatly anticipated game.

  • Programmer (Having knowledge of C++ and Source in general.)
  • Texture Artist (Experienced with past examples.)
  • Animator (Experienced with past examples.)

We are also in need of somebody who would be willing to kindly assist us with compiling due to an odd issue which at this current time seems hard to solve! Please contact us here. All applications should have past examples within! If your position is not listed above, please don't hesitate to apply anyway, something may arise and if not, it will be fantastic to have you on record!

The Year 2014.

This year, we'll be aiming to complete all of the maps and hopefully have a lot of things totally converted, bringing us even closer to our standalone state. Whilst we would like to, but can't promise a release of the game this year, we'll be working hard to ensure there is something to show even further along the lines and will be releasing quarterly updates. We honestly have some big things coming and it's really hard to hide a lot of that at the moment. A new trailer will not be coming out at this current moment in time, but stay tuned. The next update will be on February the 14th 2014, so we'll see you then! - The next update will be coming later on. The following updates won't show too much, because we don't want to give everything away just yet. :3

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support, patience and more. We do understand that many of you may be becoming very impatient or losing interest in the project. For those who lose, or have lost interest in the project, we really do hope to regain it one day.


Another quick note, just a shout-out to another project of which a couple of past-developers from Faceless are working on, A Crimson Searchlight. It's a fantastic looking game and I look forward to seeing more from them on it! All the best with development.

That's all for today! I'll leave you with a piece of music, and a video teasing Elijah Grey, the character for the prologue in Faceless. The music was done by our fantastic composer, David Denyer. This track will be heard ingame on the Main Menu.

Have a wonderful New Year, and all the best from us at Faceless!

~Adam 'Sklarlight' Sklar. - Project Lead and Creative Director
David Denyer - Composer
Joshua 'Cornwaffle' - SFX Designer
Angel Cruz Rodriguez - Organic Modeller
Kevin 'Flash-Killer' Nielsen - Texture Artist and Animator
Christiaan 'AniCator' Bakker - Shader Artist
Ethan 'ENP' Neal Podczerwinski - Programmer
Lander 'The Comedian' Van hove - Skyartist
John 'Thall33' Costello - Mapper
Jack 'Violation' Anderson - Mapper
Arthur 'Tresquall' Sauls - Mapper
Grant 'DeathVice' - Mapper

Brave the Being.


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The Being - Wallpaper

The Being - Wallpaper

Dec 30, 2013 Wallpapers 12 comments

A wallpaper of the Being, ranging in sizes from 1280x720 all the way up to 4K. Model created by Angel, Material/Pose and Wallpaper created by Flash

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Mitchell777 Jan 7 2014, 7:15pm says:

*awesome game*

+3 votes     reply to comment
Mitchell777 Jan 7 2014, 7:08pm says:

hello everyone.
yes, it is me Mitchell777 i came to apologize.
I. feel. like. an idiot. what happened was, i got the wrong information, and I spoke to soon...

I am actully extremely sorry for buging you guys, sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry soooooooo sorry.....X infinity

in fact, im a HUGE-HUGE-HUGE fan, and i think that Faceless looks AMAZING!!!IM. A. HUGE. FAN. OF. FACELESS!. faceless looks soo freaking a huge idiot and again i say im sorry for the harsh insulting...:( i thought you guys were just a bunch of losers, but now i see that that IS NOT true, and mark j Hadley i actually supporting this.

IM A HUGE FAN OF FACELESS!!!! i wish you guys the best of luck in your development.

i downloaded the wallpaper and printed it off as a poster for my room... lol
and i watched the trailer over and over and over again!! its JUST SO AWESOME!!! faceless looks amazing XD :D i would honestly $$pay$$ lots of money to be playing this awesome game...


BTW everything that i said before..."just forget it"... i feel humiliated to have said that to the group of developers that will go Viral popular....
[ Long story short ]
.AND IM EXTREAMLY SORRY TO EVERYONE please forget everything i said earlier.
i wish you the best in your development
sincere apology -mitchell777

p.s. may i become a watch member???

+6 votes     reply to comment
TheHoongs Jan 10 2014, 10:11am replied:

Apology accepted :D

+4 votes     reply to comment
Rytuklis Jan 7 2014, 11:33am buried:


I just heard that the entire developer team who was with the project from the very beggining has been double crossed and left out, while Adam told them that the project is on hold and he'll let the developers know when it's back. Apperantly, he found himself a new set of developers and dropped the others from the project without letting them know what's going on. You were so much nicer when the project started, Adam, you never even intended on charging money for this, then you became more and more arrogant, you got me of the team, okay, that's not such a tragedy, but now you screwed over your entire dev team that has helped you rise from the very beggining, and replaced it by a new one, and now youre using the game as a cash cow.. Such a jerk move..

-6 votes     reply to comment
Sklarlight Jan 7 2014, 2:42pm replied:

I'm sorry to tell you that isn't the case. I personally tried to get back everybody I wanted from the past development team. They either didn't want to, or were busy, or unfortunately didn't match the criteria. I'm the same person I've always been. I've taken the hard decision of allowing the project to progress and to be something greater than it could have ever been. We've been having updates for a while and since we released the New Year's update, do some people become disgruntled, it's a shame. Would you rather us keep it free? Then you'd have a poorly made emulated version of the Eight Pages that would be no better than the Garry's Mod gamemode; Stop it Slender. And I don't want that. Neither does anybody else. Nothing is perfect and in this case, that's how I stand. I'm sorry if I've upset you in any shape or form, but you're wrong. All the best.

+5 votes     reply to comment
SuperTaco2000 Jan 6 2014, 9:25pm says:

I find this ironic.

-3 votes     reply to comment
alldatcheese Jan 7 2014, 4:10am replied:

WHAT? It's nothing wrong. If we have interest on a Slender game, why not comment. :/

P.S: Why did you comment on Slender: The Arrival then? xD

+3 votes     reply to comment
Mr.Someone Jan 6 2014, 4:23pm says:

I'm so happy for you guys :)
And also, I don't care if you guys charge because you absolutly deserve it

This is a big punch in the face for anyone who had strong doubts about this game.

+4 votes     reply to comment
alldatcheese Jan 7 2014, 4:11am replied:

Here's a kick too for anyone with strong doubts.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Guest Jan 6 2014, 4:20pm says:

I'm so happy for you guys :)
And also, I don't care if you guys charge because you absolutly deserve it

This is a big punch in the face for anyone who had strong doubts about this game.

+3 votes     reply to comment
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