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5 comments by Sklarlight on Dec 24th, 2014

"Family is important, wouldn't you agree?"


Merry Christmas, everyone! It's been quite a while since our last update, and we do sincerely apologise for this. If we could, we'd keep you updated all the time! Sadly we'd run out of things to talk about and the game wouldn't be a surprise for anybody at all. We'd like to start out by reassuring everybody that no matter how quiet things are through our IndieDB or Facebook pages, we are always there lurking in the background, just like The Being. The game will go on.

For those of you who do not yet know, On Halloween this year, we announced that The Being now has a dark blue suit. (Which appears brighter in the promotional image than it does in-game.) The main reason for this is due to some important story-related content in the upcoming novel that we wanted to correlate with. Another reason behind this is to distinguish it further from the 'Slender Man'. - We had a lot of discussions regarding changing the physical appearance of The Being as well, but the lore and the story for it were predominantly developed around its appearance. Despite the similarities there, a great deal of differences are to be seen. However, there are other hidden story-related reasons for giving it a blue suit! These differences will be covered in-game, as well as in the upcoming novel; Faceless: Deliverance.

If anyone would like to read further into the differences behind the appearance, lore, story and abilities surrounding The Being, please feel free to take a look at the Wikia page for it, but be warned of potential spoilers on the wikia surrounding the game and the book. For a spoiler-free list of differences, take a look below.

FacelessWikia wrote:[cut] Prior to The Event, The Being had a larger number of abilities including:

  • Soul-Absorption.
  • Vanishing. (Teleporting.)
  • Disguise into somebody the victim wants to see.
  • Vocal mimicking.
  • Camouflage. (The suit is a camouflage, which stuck after it was hit with the Sorrowvirus, causing it to no longer be able to change.)
  • Complete silence when moving.
  • Create Tears. (To travel between our realm and The Abandoned realm.)
  • Anomaly Creation.
  • Conduit Senses.
  • Mental Imprisonment (Hysterical Blindness)

After [cut] The Event, The Being twitches constantly, as well as giving off audible clues to its location. Its skills were reduced to;

  • Soul-Absorption.
  • Vanishing. (Only when out of a person's line of sight.)
  • Anomaly Creation.
  • Mental Imprisonment (Hysterical Blindness)

The Being uses its tendrils (Previously named tentacles, renamed for reasons mentioned in the intro) for a heightened awareness of its surroundings, due to being blind.

Faceless did certainly have its struggles this year, earlier on we were told to cease all development by a lawyer for the Slender Man's option holders.

Despite direct support from Eric Knudsen himself, the option holders own the rights to adapt the Slender Man to media such as film/TV, and videogames. They relied on outdated information from way back when we were called "Slender: Source" and sought to close the project down. Fortunately, after much deliberation and communication, we are pleased to say that the request was dropped after the option holders acknowledged that we provided enough information that The Being is altogether a different entity, despite the remaining similarities in its appearance.

Despite the negativity this initially caused us, it's only ultimately made the team want to produce this game even more, and it certainly paved the way for a clearer future for all things Faceless.

We certainly appreciate all the help that we're getting from the community who are supporting the project and acknowledging that this project is no longer tied to the 'Slender Man' and hasn't been for quite some time. Spreading the word certainly helps! The Steam community forums have started to come to terms with the change, as well as the Facebook page.

We're hesitant and at the same time excited to see topics come up such as "Who would win? Slender Man or The Being?" - Although I'd never like to see the two battle it out. We've yet to truly earn our reputation for The Being first, and we certainly hope to do that, but it's just ultimately important that people are aware that this entity is not the 'Slender Man' anymore.


There are quite a lot of things to talk about today, including the fact that it has been a long journey so far, and it will continue to be a long journey, but we hope that after our reveal today, it'll pave the way to bringing you Faceless sooner.

As we did in the last update, we'll start by covering some new dolls that will be seen in Faceless. Originally, we wanted to go down the Victorian route, and whilst that will still be our main style for the Dolls, you will see some out-of-the-ordinary dolls with Venetian and Steampunk inspirations.

"Daniel, do you understand what you have to do?"


Whilst this isn't really an important thing to update on, it's worth mentioning that the four survivors that will be available to play in multiplayer have been renamed. This is due to certain developments in the book, and also since they hadn't been changed since 2012 and all the surnames were single syllables, we wanted them to sound more unique. So please welcome the new survivor names and their voice actors!

  • Edward North - Voiced by Adam Sklar.
  • Emily Parker - Voiced by Danielle McRae. (League of Legends, Nightmare House 2, etc.)
  • Richard Flannery- Voiced by Daniel Reinert.
  • Tristan Clarke - Voiced by Daz Black.

    And of course, the single player characters for the short Prologue and Epilogue campaigns whose names haven't changed.

On that topic, we'd like to reveal the first picture of the new player model for Richard Flannery.

Subject to change.
Click to view a larger version.

The reason we decided to show Richard's player model first is because Richard was the first ever announced player for the multiplayer side of Faceless, it was also one of the first promotional images released back when we were known as Slender: Source. To show you how far we've truly come, here is that promotional image again:

And needless to say, like many of our other photos, we had it remade, so here's how that would look today:

Click to view a larger version.


"I would say this all begun... Many years ago. Surrounding my grandmother, Wendy Mason."

mentioned on our Facebook page, we certainly have come a long way since we begun the project in 2012, things have been scrapped, redone, edited, and now for 2015, we make our biggest move yet. We are taking the train from the Source Engine, and arriving at our new station on the Unreal Engine 4. Does anybody remember the two images we showed on the last update? Specifically, the images where we showed a doll burning in the ritual zone? That was in the UE4. Not only that, did anybody notice that we closed that update with "Many unreal changes are going to be happening over the course of time..."? Well, now you know.


There are a multitude of reasons we felt we had to leave Source, and one of those reasons was due to being unable to progress with developing the gamemodes. The most unfortunate thing about leaving Source is saying goodbye to the maps that were developed for the Source engine, but they are faithfully being recreated in the UE4. For those of you who are worried that you could run a Source engine game, but not an UE4 game, please take note that optimisation is one of the most important things we will be focusing on. We want to ensure that all of those who followed us just for being on the Source engine will still benefit greatly. We are aware this might raise a lot of questions, some which we will cover, and some that we'll answer in the comments.

  1. Q: Will there still be a free version?
    A: Yes. There will still be a free version with a demo of the prologue, and two multiplayer maps (Hyde Street Station and Wakeland Forest) for the Dolls gamemode. (Versus not included.)

  2. Q: Is the price going up?
    A: No, the price will be remaining the same.

  3. Q: I'd like to get the beta! Are you going to be doing another Kickstarter?
    A: Yes! We will be doing another Kickstarter, but we want to do it when the time is right. For those of you who donated in the previous campaigns, you will still get the same rewards as covered in a previous update.

  4. Q: What about all the old Source content images and videos on here?
    A: All the old content will be kept up as history to look back on how far this project has come. The Source build of the game doesn't function, and the majority of the content is only accessible by console commands. If the original mappers would like to release the maps for games such as Garry's Mod, Counter Strike: Source, etc, they are more than welcome to, but that has not yet been discussed!

  5. Q: Has this set you back?
    A: Not so much. Moving engine didn't set us back as much as we would have thought, of course, with Source we had the comfort of being able to use stock models and textures, but we always intended to be a total conversion project anyway, the only set back this has given us is that we need to redo the level design, and it's a necessary, but small set back that will only benefit us all in the long run!

  6. Q: Is this your major update?
    A: No, this is not our major update. As mentioned in the last update, we have a goal of what we'd like to achieve before we release our major update. This update has been put in place to keep you informed of our progress.

    As mentioned above, any other questions will be answered in the comments below, any important questions from the comments will be added into this article.

With this reveal, we'd like to compare the Ritual Zone in Hyde Street Station from the Source version and the new and improved Unreal version.


Click to view larger versions.


Click to view larger versions.

This change is ultimately beneficial for both us, the game, and you. Without changing to the Unreal Engine 4, we would have been held back massively and infinitely longer from bringing our vision, even a very restricted to life. We simply couldn't find the people we needed. We were told to compromise, and we have done, but we weren't going to compromise to the extent where we only became the remake that we started out as. That, mixed with our inability to find a programmer finally led us to migrating to the Unreal Engine 4, where we finally had people capable of bringing our vision to life. Whilst this is extremely beneficial to us, like we say, it's a sad shame to leave Source behind after over 2 years on it, but it's a necessary sacrifice for the greater good of Faceless.


We also want to show a work-in-progress track by our composer, David Denyer. This track is titled 'The Last One' - and it will play in any multiplayer gamemode where you are the last survivor standing. Whether or not you know your friends have died, this track will instantly make you aware that you are the only one left, and that it's after you. (This is designed to be listened to on a loop.)


The Being - By Aaron Arcand.

Nice one, Aaron!


With the all important news that we're now on the Unreal Engine 4, it becomes a lot easier for us to post job ads, which have been done discreetly since we changed engines. Due to the change and our newfound goals, we are looking for more talented people to join our team! Anybody is welcome to apply, but we are looking for two roles to particular to fill. All roles will be paid with Royalties, which is described by the Unreal Engine forums as:

UnrealEngineForums wrote:...Company or individual offering post-launch compensation.

Since Faceless will be sold on Steam, all developers on the project will be granted post-launch compensation based on sales. More information can be requested for those who choose to apply.

Level Designers/Mappers.

To apply for this role, you must have a good understanding of level design and to have had prior experience in the UDK or UE4 engine(s) - Past work will be required to show your skill, if you are under an NDA for your current projects, you will be allowed to create a test map as an alternative if you would like to apply for the position.

3D Organic/Inorganic Modellers.

To apply for this role, you must have a good understanding of 3D modelling and have past work to show on hand, the majority of models that will be required will be inorganic, but there will be some organic models such as foliage. Again, if you are under an NDA for any recent and unreleased work, we are more than happy for you to create a test piece as part of your application, should you choose to apply.

Traditional and/or Digital Artists.

To apply for this role, you must have a good understanding of what is required of you, as well as experience and/or skills to do so. Past work should be provided in your application. If you are under an NDA for any recent and unreleased work, we are more than happy for you to create a test piece as part of your application, should you choose to apply, this can be of anything you choose, so long as it fits the general theme of Faceless.

To apply, please email us at: sklarlight[at]gmail[dot]com

(Replace [at] with the @ symbol. Replace [dot] with a period. Anti-spam measures.)


We realise that this update is actually quite long, longer than we anticipated anyway! It originally started out as a mini-update. We will bring you another update on New Year's Day. This will be a mini-update and will be a lot smaller than this update. We want to keep you, the amazing community, as up to date as we possibly can without spoiling too much. If we are unable to make a New Year's update, we will let you all know through our Facebook page.

Please ask us questions that you'd like us to answer in the next update about gameplay, story, and so on! Anything pertaining to the release date will sadly not be answered, as that is being saved for our major update in the future.

Thank you all for reading, and again, thank you all for the patience that you've displayed so far. For those who are writing negative comments on the Steam Community Hub, Facebook page and this page also, it's not kind to be demanding updates all the time and an alpha for you to play, some people have been saying you deserve constant updates and alpha releases. Whilst we are always happy to interact with our community, those kind of comments are quite honestly out of line for the reasons explained below. As much as we'd like to do this for you, we're doing the best we can with what we've got. This project will take as long as it needs to take.

We are sincerely sorry to those who have lost their interest or hype in the project due to the amount of time this is taking, but please remember that this project is coming from a very small independent team, with little time and little money. We want to bring you the most professional looking product that we can, and we're always happy to interact with you, the community, to constantly keep in touch. And that's why Faceless will be around for a long time post-launch too! That's all for this update, until next time!

Once again, Merry Christmas!

~The Faceless Team.

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Wallpaper 2 - Blurred Version

Wallpaper 2 - Blurred Version

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July 4th Update Wallpaper of The Being. Includes all Resolutions from 1280x720 up to 4k.

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Wallpaper 2 - Sharp Version

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aaronderuiter Jul 28 2012, 3:28pm says:

I am just going to post this on here as well, will this be available for mac users too?
Oh never mind, windows only it says here… DX I am very disappointed!
Please make this stand-alone and therefore mac compatible!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Farenhiet Jul 28 2012, 8:04pm replied:

I'm pretty sure Source mods can actually be made Mac compatible without going standalone. And going "standalone" isn't really all that easy, it cost money to get rights to the engine, as well as the source code. But as for making the mod Mac compatible, if we get a coder who can do that for us or if we find out how to, of course we will.

+1 vote     reply to comment
aaronderuiter Jul 29 2012, 6:44am replied:

Thanks a lot! I hope you find a coder!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Yagurt Jul 28 2012, 5:36pm replied:

I want this on a mac too...
Hope they see this and make it compatible.
Windows users shouldn't be the only ones to have fun!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Spe¢ter Jul 29 2012, 3:54am replied:

Mac isn't created for gaming. Buy windows next time.

+4 votes     reply to comment
Bakachi Jul 28 2012, 2:32pm says:

As of now, I believe this is a great mod in progress, very promising. Keep it up, and don't keep me waiting.

+1 vote     reply to comment
TheJP3372 Jul 28 2012, 5:20am says:

I scared a few friends with slender before, one of them curled into a fetal position. Can't wait to give them heart attacks with this.

+6 votes     reply to comment
spyro1132 Jul 28 2012, 1:46pm replied:

Tell them it is a nyan cat game first.

+3 votes     reply to comment
Agent_Oranje Jul 28 2012, 1:46am says:

If you're looking for an artist, I have a concept art background along with 3d. PM me if you want to see my work.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Rytuklis Jul 28 2012, 3:20am replied:

We do not recruit over PM. If you want to join, apply at

+1 vote     reply to comment
CreaseInTime Jul 27 2012, 11:27pm says:

If you need more than two mappers, I'm available. I've done some small-scale projects before.

+1 vote     reply to comment
destroyerzack Jul 27 2012, 11:01pm says:

I can see it now, me and 2 of my great friends playing a game, then one of them starts crying "OH MY GOD HE RIGHT THERE RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" that would be funny as hell.

+1 vote     reply to comment
maatthew Jul 27 2012, 10:51pm says:

Please keep it atleast 3 players the fun of one guy getting lost and the others having to rescue him sounds brilliant i cant wait for this mod!

+1 vote     reply to comment
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