Fabula Divina is a modern day twist on an old, old friend. A friend you had fun with back in the 80s and early 90s. Borrowing on principles made popular in Ultima, Dungeon Siege, Dungeons & Dragons and RogueLike games, Fabula Divina also borrows on some more modern RPG techniques such as skills and open style game play. Fabula Divina is first and foremost a tactical RPG. Turn based RPGs are lost on today’s gaming world, and in turn a style of game play which is still perfectly valid has become nigh extinct. Fabula Divina is Cross-Platform. What does that mean? It means that players on Windows, Linux and OS X can play it. Plans are also in the works to make it available to Android and iOS as well.

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The game play is starting to mature in isometric form. Changing it from flat top down 2D to isometric essentially meant starting over in many respects. This is especially so from the client/UI/UX point of view.

We are finally starting to build out the first city. It is early, it is a little rough, and a little buggy, but Diamonds start that way too. :-)

Hope you enjoy. We would like to find some testers to start testing the feel and experience inside the game, though there is not a lot of content there yet.

Please contact us if you would be interested:

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