After unending war with metastreumonic Force, the powerful organisation Secreta Secretorum that you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power.

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I got this game on sale for $2 on Steam; I think it's a wonderful game (I tend to like non-linear shooters) with the amount of choice it gives you but that's all overwhelmed by the horrible translation and User Interface design

I didn't know what was going on, or what I was supposed to do, or why I should care for this and that; the game does give you a lot of text and dialogue to sift through but it left me with more questions than answers (shoddy english translation) and by the end I just ignored the story and shot things to death

As for the UI design, it's extremely vague and clunky; I didn't know how to hack right, the inventory management felt awkward, I didn't know how the researching worked, and so on

In this case I would've consulted the video tutorials already present in the game but again they're poorly translated and were a chore to go through (I tried to find a manual for the game but there isn't one?)

A game's story is one of the selling points of any Role Playing game, and in E.Y.E's case they shot that out the window with subpar translation and delivery (sifting through pages of text isn't exactly fun to do in 2011) and as a consequence the game in general is extremely confusing (the video tutorials seldom help at all).

But at least I enjoyed it for what its worth for $2, fun game with nice shooting mechanics

Most ****** up, weird, out of this world, obscure and bizarre game I have ever played. It's a very rough pearl covered in 3 tons of muck. But once you get into it, you want to play it over and over just to see what it will do next. And for this price it's hard to resist.

Tons of cool stuff, cool ideas and neat visuals without sense of overall direction. Looks like "let's just throw it in" without asking why and what for. All that for nothing because you get your generic shooter in the end.

Seriously, despite all the possibilities gameplay consists of bots running around and shooting at you. This game needs a much better level design in terms of gameplay.

I have played 4 hours of this game and can only play New Eden missions.. Maybe its because my game crashes every time I finish a mission..or maybe i am stupid? Either way. something is definitely lacking from this game even before getting to other levels.

Some of you would say I shouldn't even complain about the game since i havent seen anything besides New Eden.. and people are going to argue everything i say... but.. the game is wicked clumsy.. and kinda poorly executed in a lot of areas.. I really hate the mission gui that shows on screen where your next objective is.. since you always end up going the wrong way.. and they don't always show up.. and you run around the same level six million times going I have one objective left but I can't even see where it is! I want a MAP!? where is the map?!

Some of the other things i do not like.without getting into all the bugs & game crashes.

I was under the impression this was a single player game.. with a linear story.linear maps... but basically its like Multiplayer game with AI..which is cool i guess and the one level i played online was fun.. until the game crashed so i am just kinda disappointed the game doesn't have a linear story/levels which is the most surprising thing I have ever heard myself say.

Basically its just a Deathmatch mod or I guess Total Conversion but its seems like new models have basically just replaced halflife 2 enemies. basically the neato setting/graphics tricked me into thinking the game was something it absolutely is not. I had hoped it would be like this Quake 4 Mod

Since the AI is exactly like that of Halflife 2 enemies.. I am kinda annoyed I spent 18 bucks that could have been spent on something way better.. I am still playing despite these things i do not like..and yes the game itself looks good but for those of you sayings its not obvious its a source engine game uh i have no idea what you are talking about. How is this a 10?


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