A new war is brewing. A violent conflict, between the Six Colonies, each one convinced that it was in the right, each one sure of its own ability to defeat its enemies. But they need Generals. They need soldiers. They need you.

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I installed through Desura then when I try to launch I get a missing Spring.exe error. I then searched my pc, found and pointed the setup at it and then I get a new error something about a sync file not present in the folder. I looked around a little bit to see if I could get it running but if it's not install & launch or with specific directions listed on the front of the page then I dont see why it should be rated anything higher since its unplayable afaik. Too bad too, I absolutely loved playing Total Annihilation & Total Annihilation: Kingdoms both of which I still own.

Standard rating of 1 for lack of direct download.

There is a limit to how much unprofessionality can be excused of a free project. Not allowing people to download unless they jump through your hoops goes well beyond that.

Okay , thsi is my rating I have the supreme commander game and it is kind of like the same idea and same thing that is why i rated low.

I rated 4 for the effort)


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