A new war is brewing. A violent conflict, between the Six Colonies, each one convinced that it was in the right, each one sure of its own ability to defeat its enemies. But they need Generals. They need soldiers. They need you.

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Es ist mal eine gute und kostenlose alternative zu anderen strategi spielen ^^

EvoRTS is an epic fusion of C&C and Total Anihilation. I do have to say f*ck you Desura for not installing. Ive fought with it and finaly can play and the fight was well worth it. This is an amazing game with a skill level that takes time to master but is fun from day one. Amazing job for just one guy! The graphics level on this game lag my computer, which is running an NVidia GeForce graphics card and an intel i7 processor. The lasers shooting up off your economy buildings is completely pointless but its still wicked cool!

This game is what i searched for :)
The graphics, style and gameplay feels really nice, sad thing is that there arent many playing online but hopefully in the future there will be more.

Standard rating of 1 for lack of direct download.

There is a limit to how much unprofessionality can be excused of a free project. Not allowing people to download unless they jump through your hoops goes well beyond that.

Fun to play so addicted :P

revocking a bad rating


- very good game, large number of possibilities in-game, feels like all-in-one rts which gives you control over everything in the game and it makes crazy number of strategies possible

- you build stuff, which needs energy and metal resources

- best mode from the game for me is the zero-k mode

- if you see me play with me but i always win so concider running away

- small number of active players make the game impossible to play if you don't have any friends

10/10 would bang

it looks cool but theres in game much glitches that may be fixed

Okay , thsi is my rating I have the supreme commander game and it is kind of like the same idea and same thing that is why i rated low.

I rated 4 for the effort)


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