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Ok, ok, yeah I know, this probably doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal, but it really is. Many bugs in the engine were fixed, more functionality was added, and a bunch of little features got added that I have been dying to get my grubby mitts on.

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Ok, ok, yeah I know, this probably doesn’t seem like it should be that big of a deal, but it really is. Many bugs in the engine were fixed, more functionality was added, and a bunch of little features got added that I have been dying to get my grubby mitts on.

Namely, Isolation mode. For those of you who use the Spring Engine “Vanilla”, you will understand immediately what I mean when I say that using Desura install on top of another regular engine install was a messy process. For that matter, it qualifies as a disaster. Thankfully, that is now fixed within the engine. I can force the engine to stay in it’s install folder and no longer interfere with any other engine install. This also means that I will FINALLY be able to test my own game’s install process without using a Virtual Machine. For many users, from rates have doubled. In my case, frame rates quite literally tripled. You can probably imagine the look on my face. Using basic water (default is bumpmapped), my framerate peaks up around 260 fps. With bumpmapped water on it goes down a little bit and of course this is all without any units on the screen at all, but the simple fact is that performance got a huge boost with this update.

The main updates in v1.9 are as follows:

• Map borders now look much much nicer
• AI tuning is more or less perfected (unfortunately due to some unforeseen issues, Shard AI cannot be included yet)
• Keybind for “Repeat” command added (bound to “q”)
• Console only shows chat messages now instead of chat + system messages
• 3 new maps added (CenterRock, Eye of Horus, and MoonQ20x)
• 1 new War track added “Better Than Nothing – Deathkllr84″

I am still working on various other features to add such as different gametypes, scoring modes and a few other little surprises.Oh and because I keep being asked, I am working very very hard on getting Evolution RTS onto Desura Linux. I have run into a lot of pitfalls and unfortunately I can’t solve these issues myself and must rely on assistance from the engine devs, so just hang tight guys, it’s being worked on!On another note, I plan to have another Evolution RTS hangout on Google+ semi-soon so stay tuned!


Yeah, G+ would be cool )

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Yay for Linux progress ;-).

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Sweet, will have to give this a try once the Linux version is available on Desura.

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Forboding_Angel Author

Wrt G+, you can follow Evolution RTS by going to: Gplus.to and add EvoRTS to your following circle (don't worry, I won't spam you :-)).

I spent all day yesterday trying to get help from a linux dev wrt CDE ( Stanford.edu ), but had no luck. I'll keep trying though. As soon as I have a proper portable build of the engine, I'm set, but if I can't get any *nix help from the engine devs, it will be a much longer process. If you want to see progress or speak up and lend moral support, the forum thread on the engine dev boards is here: Springrts.com

Thanks guys :-) Here's to hoping that Evo*nix-Desura happens soon!

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So... tried this and ran quickly into some issues:
- The maps whose name start with EvoRTS have no starting position to pick from, so your starting unit begins the game stuck on a corner of the map.
- Tooltips say to space+click to show stats, but I space-click and it doesn't work. (Edit: actually it works but the info appears behind the current tooltip so it's akward to access and easy to miss.)
- Game crashed 5 min within a test vs the normal survival spawner. Edit: it seems to crash reliably when clicking the build icon for the anti-rush turret, i.e. the first icon under Defense.

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Forboding_Angel Author

I need your infolog.

Wrt map starting positions. They are there, but just not visible (this is an issue with the lobby, not an issue with the game or the map). If you notice, in the battleroom, on the map tab, you can set startboxes, starts before game (drag start positions around), random or fixed. All work. Never should the starting units end up in the top left corner unless you chose "Start before game" and didn't bother to drag the start markers around on the minimap.

Wrt unit stats, that part could be better, no arguments here. I'll see what I can do to offset the window that comes up. On the other hand, it seems a little odd that after space+clicking you wouldn't move the mouse at all. Not stating that as an excuse, just an observation.

Wrt game crash, can't reproduce. It's possible that your computer couldn't handle running the AI (although unlikely). If you could please get it to crash again, and then use Pastebin.com to post the infolog, I would really appreciate it. (Infolog is in desura/common/evolution-rts/infolog.txt )

This is not a help forum. This is a comment box on a newspost. What you have posted doesn't have anything to do with the news itself. In the future, please post bug reports here: Indiedb.com

or on the bug tracker.

Thanks for the feedback!

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