You control your destiny in true free-form gameplay with a variety of activities and objectives to complete. Customize the look, functionality, and performance of your ship with the component-based shipyard; explore a seamless universe without required jump gates or trade lanes to limit your movement; master devastating new weapons and technology; join forces with other players in multiplayer to complete more challenging cooperative objectives that offer much better pay; and much, much more.

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Expanded Ship-to-Ship trading and new control mapping options are featured in this latest update for Evochron Legends.

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The update can also be downloaded from the game's website here:

The installer provides the entire game and also works as a patch to update older versions. This update adds the following:

- Improved update version compatibility checking system.
- Ship-to-ship multiplayer trading system expanded to support more simultaneous players.
- Players can now map the 1-9, 0, -, +, and Back Space keys to other functions.
- Excalibur missile pack no longer disappears after a save during recharge.
- MDTS retains its setting better when switching views.
- Missile hardpoint limits for AI ships recalibrated.
- Oxygen prices reduced significantly.

The updated server program is also available at the game's website here:


i think i will give this a go!

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This looks sick, you should get it on steam =P

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I recently bought this, and its a lot of fun - a couple of gripes, though.

Looking at the directory, it seems like everything is hardcoded into DLL's. Why not transfer a lot of the data over to an interpreter like Lua to make it more mod-friendly? You're ON MODDB, for goodness's sake.

Maybe I'm just terrible at combat, but it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to me for some reason. Missiles seem to be super awesome one-hit kills and the AI use a *lot* of them, whilst my guns do next to nothing on the enemy.

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dl-ing right now

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Sorry, folks, The game "looks" nice...from a distance and I certainly spent hours enjoying the never-before-experienced seemless planet decent. Other games like Freelancer force you to dock at a ring and then it loads the planet in more of a UI form, not actually allowing you to fly around.

However, EL stops dead after the first hour of playing because that's about how long it will take to dock at stations and planet cities, jump around the map a little, and mine some asteroids. It doesn't matter where you go in this "go anywhere, do...ahem, """anything"""" game, once you've seen it here or there, you've seen it everywhere.

I was so ****** even for the $24.95 I spent on this. I really wish I had looked for a crack or keygen or something. The graphics are about late 90s also at best and as I just said there's really only about an hour's worth of content.

Again, don't waste your money. Just trying to help.

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