Etherium: Dark Storm is a 3D Multiplayer Online RPG in-progress. Etherium will be unique to most RPG games, in that includes real time strategy elements, including a tile-based layout, leading of military units in certain sections, building structures, and the view being more top down, zoomed out. This gives the player a more world-type view. However, the persistent, online Etherium world will still be thousands of times bigger than what a single player can see at a time. Also featured will be atmospheric weather effects, trade, and more.

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CyberMan Mar 9 2007 says:


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sven60890 Mar 9 2007 says:


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Natace25 Mar 10 2007 says:

What is this :S
This isn't a good way to showcase, or whatever it is, I actually thought it was a game about coloured chocolates from looking at the thumbnail screenshot without reading the text about the game at first....I wonder why I thought that...hmmm.

Please, show something ALOT more interesting before announcing these things.
BTW, I wouldnt suggest going for the MMO approach, it's just not going to succeed.

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lks Mar 10 2007 says:

hey... don't say that it won't succeed, that's not necessary. If these guys want to try for it, don't be an ******* about it.

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Natace25 Mar 10 2007 says:

Home made MMO's never succeed, why? because the creators usually don't have a big enough server to maintain so many people at once, 24/7, not only that, but the idea isn't, or doesnt sound original, if people want to play this type of game, they will go play something that is already out, i say by all means give it your best if you think it's worth the trouble, but In MY opinion, it's not going to succeed.
So I suggest for YOU not to be an ******* about it LKS as my post was not to put them down, but a suggestion, if you can't respect my opinion, go to hell.

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lks Mar 11 2007 says:

I WASN'T an ******* about it, you are flat-out saying it won't succeed. And then you tell me to go to hell if I don't respect your opinion, ****, you don't respect mine. You should ******* talk about respect, you put the game down right away, it's ******* hard to code graphics for games bottom-up. Go **** your mother, what would you know about respect. You ******* **** on the game right away, instead of adding constructive criticism; you just say it looks bad and they should stop trying. Is that respect? Get AIDs shithead.

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Natace25 Mar 12 2007 says:

Wow, both a hypocrite, AND you are juvenile. Look pal, grow up, really, I'm starting to think you are just a part of the dev team and are standing up for your mod or something the way you are acting, and you are acting childish, especially with your flippant remarks towards me.
My constructive criticism was probably better than what most people would say, and I said that they shouldn't take the MMO approach.

Obviously you didn't respect my opinion, you should know that not everyone is going to like a mod or game, I didn't go saying that the mod looks terrible, and S**** and it looks like a donkeys butt or anything, I just said that it's not very appealing for an introduction to the mod, most mod teams (mature mod teams) accept that not everyone will like the looks of their mod, I mean...Take Killing Floor for example, I'm no big fan of the mod, I think it would be fun on a LAN, I generally think the mod is pretty darn well done, I am no fan of the mod, I do not frequent it, I am not a fanboy of it.
Not everyone likes the mod either, alot of people say it's crap and all sorts of other things, but I don't see the devs going off their rocket because someone said something bad about their mod, so if you're the mod developer, you have some serious growing up to do, and if you're not, you have even more growing up to do than if you were.

Get over it pal. This is my last post on this's a waste of my time, especially with juvenile loudmouths such as yourself making comments on MY opinion, because you don't like it.

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lks Mar 15 2007 says:

You call me juvenile? You can't even handle the fact that I disagree with you, I have to "go to hel"l if I disagree? You BABY! And I'm not on the dev team, but I have coded games before. Don't try to act as if you're above me now, or that I'm younger than you. I have experience coding games and I know FIRST-HAND what it is to create a graphics engine from scratch. And what would you know of it? Your original 'comment' on this wasn't constructive at all. Instead of saying how to improve, you said to give up. And while you didn't say it looked like ****, you did compare a graphics test to colored chocolates, which misses the whole point of the graphics test. It isn't SUPPOSED to look like a tank or a gun but you obviously don't understand what a graphics test showcase is.

I am annoyed at your lack of understanding of what this screenshot represents, your inability to contribute constructive criticism - then saying that it's your opinion. Yeah, obviously, everyone has opinions but to completely disregard opposing opinions is too much for you to handle, so while you don't see that this is a graphics test built from scratch, you are certainly capable of accusing me of being part of the dev team, which I'm not, a juvenile loudmouth (and you are? what do you really know of me? My job, my experience in coding games, and what do YOU know of coding games from scratch?). It is easy for anyone, especially on the internet to use those names, but what annoys me most is that you use a straw argument to say I'm on the dev team. I could care less about what the dev team thinks of me. I have no agenda on this stand-alone.

Please, don't try to 'pal' me, you don't know me and you're not above me, your original post said more about you than anything else. I'm not a little 7th grader who bases everything on the looks of a graphics test. And I'm not going to tell any dev team to give up based on a screenshot either.

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ninjadave Mar 21 2007 says:

Don't know what you guys are quarreling about but this screenshot looks neat.
Whats that mini-armor thing on the left side?

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Entar Author
Entar Mar 24 2007 says:

It's the beginning of a HUD. This screeny is a little old now, I'll be uploading a new one fairly soon.

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ninjadave Mar 27 2007 says:

Hud eh? Coolness.

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Xencer Apr 3 2007 says:

Natace25, every game starts somewhere *******

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Terrain with nice lighting, how 'bout that.
The rain and the spark test are nice too.

Mar 8th, 2007
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