Eris is an open world FPS, with some tower defense and RPG elements thrown in for flavor. In Eris, you are stranded on an alien planet. You’re only hope to escape is the mother ship stored in the main alien stronghold. You must capture alien towers to weaken their main stronghold, so you can break in and steal the mothership. Place defenses such as turrets to protect towers you’ve captured. Upgrade your suit with a jetpack to fly around the battlefield, or boost your armor and tank all the damage you want! Customize your character to suit your play style! Cast spells to burn, freeze, or electrocute your enemies! Take the fight online with up to 7 friends!

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This week, Travis finally replaced the old command terminal with a nice new one. It’s still not done but its better than just having a big white box where the terminal is supposed to be!

We also began implementing our new special rooms, to make invading towers a bit more interesting.

The first special room is a key room, where players can access a special key code that unlocks every door in the tower.

The second special room is a security room. From here you can access and shut down turrets, and view security cameras monitoring the tower.

These features aren’t quite done, most of the week was spent doing some much needed optimization, and planning exactly how we want these features to work. By next week we’ll have them fully working, and add a new hacking mini game to add some more interactivity to the act of capturing a tower.

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